24 October 2011

We Are Sentience is our non Profit, 501c3, tax exempt organization with two purposes:  Building and maintaining our spiritual community, and saving, feeding and medically helping feral cats in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. 
October is not yet over, but so far we have distributed to 4 people the following food for the cats: 32 cases of Friskies canned cat food, and 22, 16 pound bags of Friskies dry food.

That is over 760 cans of catfood, and 350 pounds of dry food, feeding a total of about 300 cats.  We are not the only source of food for these four people and these cats, but we are a major source.

In addition we work with several groups to trap, neuter and return sterile cats to there original environment, and to remove kittens from the street altogether and place them in homes.

Just this amount of catfood cost a little over $600 for October alone, so donations are greatly appreciated. We could do so much more if we had an ashram in LA and people living together to expand our mission. More about this later, but there is no greater benefit for spiritual growth than for like minded people to live together or have a place to meet in person.

Soon we will go out with video and still cameras to document the people who feed and rescue cats on the streets and we will post them on this blog and our website.

Remember, NOW all donations are tax deductible. 

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  1. I think everyone likes to see what good their donations are doing, so thank you for sharing this post and the updates to come, Edji!

    An ashram would be so incredible! A place where we could all hang out, meditate, and of course care for animals together would be a dream come true.