12 October 2011

Someone sent me a quote of me (Ed Muzika) commenting before a Robert Satsang gathering 20 years ago about my difficulty understanding Robert when he said the world is an illusion. Very strangely, my teachings and methods are exactly the same now. Here is the excerpt from Robert's Satsang of June 16, 1991:

Muzika: Last week I asked Robert, a tree, how the hell can you say that
that's unreal, that it's an illusion? Robert said, "Its like a dream, when
you wake up, what happens to the tree." So this morning I was kind of
agitated so I called Jean Dunn, up north in Packerville who was
Nisaragdatta's student. 

I said, "Jean what do you mean that the world is unreal." And she said, "Well its like a dream; when you wake up what happens to the dreamworld?" I said, "I've heard that before." And I said, "What's real then?" And she said, "The absolute is real." 

And I asked, "How do you know the absolute?" And she said, "Find the sense of being,
the source of being inside of yourself, the Self, and just dwell in it. And keep dwelling in it." And I said, "I have been doing that." And she said, "Well it worked for me." (laughter)

"It seems like jnanis get together and coordinate their stories."


  1. Here's my favourite Ed quote from Robert's satsangs:

    (to the other devotees) "Stop laughing will you, I'm trying to make a fucking point here!"

    Ed, It's good to know that you too were once as frustrated as some of us at not knowing all the answers.

  2. This is also proof that Ed was as thick headed as most of us, AND that there is hope for us.

    With Love