24 October 2011

Edji, it's funny that after years of reading nisargadatta, only recently through your teaching and 'the nisargadatta gita' you recommended do i realize that the 'i am' is the primary illusion.

For so long i saw it as a positive, which i guess it can be initially. But now i see that the whole point of staying at the 'i am' to see that i'm NOT the 'i am'.

Nisargadatta only alludes to it occasionally, but i think it's a point that needs to be hammered continuously like pradeep apte does.

Also, there's a ton of truth in your teaching. Not that you don't know that already, but i want to affirm. 'one teacher, one method' is powerful and necessary. also, find your own way all those
years on your couch after robert left town.

We all have to find our own way eventually. For some reason that touched me. no more teaching, no more crutches, just you and your chants for 12 hours a day. it's beautiful.

Thank you for being there precious one. You're very existence is a big help.

The guru is so unlike anything or anybody in this world! look at you! look at what you're doing!
I always tear up when i compliment you. i'm trying to touch you like you touch everyone.

Precious Edji, precious, precious.

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