11 October 2011

It is interesting to note how few people attended Nisargadatta's satsangs.

From J:

you know edji, i was laying in bed crying last night thinking
about how kind and generous of you to bless a total stranger like me.
I thought about the time you put into your satsangs, your website and
blessing people.
maybe that's the hallmark of a real teacher.  that availability and service.
I imagine you felt it with robert as people probably did with nisargadatta,
ramana, etc.
that grace and generosity is humbling and disarming.
very special blend you have in your teaching edji.  wisdom, deep love,
psychotherpeutic elements ("our brokeness"), etc.
of course probably no one appreciates it.  i remember stephen wolinsky
saying he never saw more than a dozen people with nisargadatta.
you mentioned you were only one of three that totally dedicated to robert.
very strange.
I bow edji.  look at you.  giving, giving, giving.  THERE for people, for animals,
for truth.  uh oh, i'm crying again.
bless you.

1 comment:

  1. I share deeply in the gratitude of J's heart.

    Such patience, such tenderness, such compassion, such Truth...

    We are definitely one blessed Sangha.