09 October 2011

My dearest Edji,

As I sat here editing last night's Satsang I was humbled to my core that I was the one chosen to record and share your profound teaching.

This Satsang really struck me deeply in so many ways and was right in line with what I was getting from The Song of the Advahut which has captivated me these past few days... everything, absolutely everything is just a concept and evening thinking and thoughts do not exist, and how wonderful as I start to get a glimpse of this Truth!

When you said in Satsang I looked perplexed... shocked might have been a better word... my mind was reeling as you delivered knockout blow by knockout blow last night. It all was all so perfect, as if you were digging deep inside me and finding what needed to be said at that moment.

I am in constant 'inner contemplation' these days. The external world has no interest for me. However, what needs to get done, gets done... and with great love and compassion. A neighbour needing financial advice and a hug and someone to listen and care about her; my mother just needing a long chat; the garden needing fall cleanup; a dog needing its ears scratched and belly rubbed; it just flows so harmoniously now with very little resistance and it just feels so 'perfect'.

And even the Satsang video and audio tracks with all their problems this week simply didn't bother me and got done so easily and so quickly!!



  1. Mamaji, this is such a beautiful testimony. Thanks for sharing it.

    Much Love,

  2. Beautiful! I can feel the nectar of love flowing in what you wrote. I, myself, bow to the Grace for helping understand these subtle truths which are so evasive. Love you Edji. Love you all.