20 October 2011


  1. Cute Pictures Ed. Are you trying to make everyone happy with these? Good Luck!

  2. Come on anonymous...did not your heart flood with Love looking at this?

  3. Ramana taught to abide in the 'I am' with love. The following excerpt comes from 'The Path of Sri Ramana Part 1' (free down load at Michael James website (www.happinessofbeing.com)):

    “Why has it been said (in the above two verses of ‘Sadhana Saram’) that one ought to make effort repeatedly to be in that state (our existence- consciousness) and ought to abide in it with more and more love? Because, until all the tendencies (vasanas) which drive one out of it are completely exhausted, this state will seem to come and go. Hence the need for continued effort and love to abide in Self.”

    “When, through this practice, our state of existence consciousness is experienced always as inescapably natural, then there will be no harm even if waking, dream and sleep pass across,”
    “For those who are well established in the unending Self-consciousness, which pervades and transcends all these three so-called states (waking, dream and sleep), there is but one state, the Whole, the All, and that alone is real! This state, which is devoid even of the feeling ‘I am making effort’, is your natural state of being! Be!!”

    ‘Sadhanai Saram’

    Nisargadatta and Ramana were one and the same teaching.

  4. who can fault love?
    Thats what this speaks to me...
    that and complete adoration for each other... ;-)