01 October 2011

How many hunting greyhounds are killed in Spain when they get old. Torture.  Putting a stick in their mouths so they can't eat or drink. They die of thirst and starvation. No such thing as a gentle euthanasia there. Others are injected with bleach.  Others are hanged by their necks without their front feet touching the ground. Street cats and dogs are gassed with carbon monoxide.

How can I not feel disgust for these acts and hatred for the perpetrators? I am human. Can I dare tell you to say what I would do if I saw this first hand?









  1. Please Edji can lay off those pics it's really too much for me it makes me sick. I feel everyone understand the point to be made here.

    I always felt the the character of a person can be told by how he treats animals.

    I hope to help you with the cats soon.
    Need to get settled first.

  2. Randy, it is a point that has to be made over and over. Most, like you, want to run from witnessing the suffering and then they forget all about it and do nothing.

    Two good ways to react: Do something about it, or awaken to the illusion. The middle way of just turning away from the suffering serves no one but the perpetrator, who gets away scot free.

  3. Excuse me sir but you don't even know me. I do not need any shock value to see what is going on. I have volunteer at many animal shelters. Yes you are correct it is a illusion but then again so is everything in this world. However to negate everything and call it a illusion is not to awaken but to excuse. When you truly awaken you end up with more compassion to everything and more love. If you do not have more love and compassion you have only awaken intellectually which is a trap in itself.

    Back to my point I think most people that read your blog do not need this kind of shock value. Now put the pic in a national newspaper and that is a different story.

    Take care

  4. Randy, I see you are full of opinions and want to teach me how to teach.

    In fact, I think the majority of people who read this blog want to escape the world and escape from seeing images like this, such as you. The images are reminders, pointers, saying a lot remains undone, both in yourself and in the world.

    One purpose of our We Are Sentience organization is to help tame the brutality of consciousness.

    Take a look at why you want to run from the images.

  5. Well you are welcome to your opinion Edji but FWIW you are so wrong concerning me. Let me put it so that you may understand it. Does a army nurse need to see images of soldiers being blow up on the battlefield to be reminded to care. It's really that simple Edji. I don't run away they just make me sick. I don't need such sick pics to care for animals.
    What part did you not understand when I told you I have volunteered in many animal shelters. The last one was right here in NY lollypop farm.


  6. Randy, you are not the only one who reads this blog, yet you say you speak for most who read it. You do not. You only speak for you. You have no idea who else reads this blog. And, you get fiercer and fiercer in opposition to my posting these images. Why tangle with me? What do you get out of it?

  7. When I was meditating the other day, the image of the dead cats came into my mind and my heart started to ache and break, more so than when I first saw the picture, which I couldn't even believe when I first looked at it. Seeing it while in meditation opened my heart more to the suffering of life, which I usually experience more in relation to people, and I felt compassion. I don't work with animals or read about these kinds of things, so I haven't been aware of the horror that goes on. There's nothing like a picture to wake someone up to this reality, unfortunately.


    Janet C

  8. Gosh Edji I did not figure you as a drama "Queen" I am not "Fierce"
    You have a strong tendency to make mountains from mole hills. I know I don't speak for everyone who reads this blog but I feel their are more like me than not. Most are probably afraid to post knowing you will pounce on them. For myself I really don't care.
    What do I get out of it. Well the possibility that you will stop putting up such nasty pics. Maybe the reason I am extra sensitive is because I worked in places that would put animals down after 3 weeks if no one adopted them.

    So I will end the discussion on my side here and now.

    with love

  9. Ahh good Randy, another student who already knows everything and will help me correct my attitude, blog, website, and maybe teachings.

  10. I have to say that theses pics are very hard to see , and I probably prefered to escape this side of the human nature ( killing and torture ) . But in the path of seing the truth , I must admit that it is not an hazard if this is going to my eyes and my mind .We are seing what we are creating , that's now a fact for me . So , theses terrible scenes are in front of me ? Ok . what can I do ? Observe , and observe my reaction ... Ed is doing nothing I guess . Only "I" "do" something ...It's seems ...

  11. Hahahahahahaha .....

    When I posted such pics & clips on on facebook everyone attacked me most who attacked were "Spiritual" people :) ....

    I told them to f--k off & go play with barbies ....

    Most spiritual people tend to cocoon themselves with artificial joy & escape the world with all its actual painful events, choosing to live in denial & give a blind heart & eye to such events.

    I'm surprised of Randy's foolish childish reaction.

  12. What would you think if Edji told you all that these dead dogs had eaten babies and were hunted down and killed as a result?

    Are our minds conditioned to see things a certain way, almost automatically?

    And what about the cats...what if he told you they were sleeping in a big pile of kitty love...how does the mind react? How does the mind react to these words?


  13. Jason, Nonsense ....

    Let is not play mind tricks here ....

    What is IS .... consciousness manifests in very harsh rude ways at this time ....

    Any attack from animals is a byproduct of the abusive human mindset ....

    1 week ago while walking in the street I heard desperate kitten calls, I could have ignored it & used the neu-advaitan way of denial & a cold heart & said "all is well" "It is all an illusion" "it is all mind" or just acted as a human with a heart that feels. Fortunately I went with the second. I approached the kitten very gently picked her up taking her home. she has been in my home for about a week now. Tmorow I'm taking her to the Vet as she is not well at all & her breath odor is YUKKKK ...

    I showered her, cut her nails bought her food slept beside her played with her, teased her, drove her crazy & loved her so much. She in return scratched me, made my hands bleed, suffocated me with her bad breath, seeked to sleep in my lap & get stroked, amused me, made me laugh so hard made me jump like a baby playing with her.

    Care & love is much simpler than all the mind games & twists.

  14. Faisal-

    Thank you for sharing...
    I definitely did not mean to sound cold or callous, nor trying to create mind games for anyone.
    I am pretty mindless and stupid, and I am just beginning on the path of self inquiry.

    I found it helpful when I encountered these pictures to find the "i" that was riveting and squirming to ask myself those questions...that is all!

    Thank you for understanding.


  15. Randy dearest,

    I was deeply disturbed by this photo too. I felt such despair and an urge to run from life itself. So tired, so tired of suffering, of being human, of living in the Heart. Falling, falling down in a bottomless chasm of pain where the longing for Him is the fiercest. Ah this yearning for thee ... Oh my, it is He who is calling, it is He who is longing for me. Take me ...

    I love you dearest Randy,
    Janet B.

  16. Just came from the Vet .... The cat needs a gum operation so badly, they will remove some of her teeth but the Vet said because she is 4 months old another teeth will grow ....

    I left her there & i will pick her up after 4hrs .... The operation costs 150$ which I can't afford at all but one organization asked me how much can I afford & I said 20$ & they will handle the rest :) ...

    Can't wait to go & pick her up :) ...

  17. Thank you dear Janet.

    First I mean no disrespect to Edji.
    I find his blog to have value to me. We all have different views but a different view should not be taken as a personal attack.
    In no way would I suggest that Edji change his teachings. Who am I to even bring that up.
    My feelings were never to run from it or anything. I think the reason I am so sensitive to photos like this has to do when I volunteered at various places and saw first hand cute balls of fur being killed.
    This actually encouraged me to help homeless animals. However I still stand by what I said there is no need to show dead animals piled up.
    If you do that why not show piles of dead Jewish people that the Nazi killed in camps. So the world can understand the Jewish people better. This idea is just as crazy as showing piles of dead animals imho.

    I love you too Janet B

    As I said I will be moving out your way. If you have a place for me or know anyone please contact me.
    I'm a great cook, expert handyman,private security etc.


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