11 October 2011


I started the practice. On the Nisargadatta Gita.
2 chapters a day.
I never made a practice so powerful.

With Yoga took a long time.
Now I'm absorbed in myself. Almost immediately. I FEEL "I Am."
It 'easy for me.

The sense, the beginning is placed in the chest.
It then widens to the body. And finally in the head. But not in the
head. And 'everywhere.

At first, the way I am leaning to the body. Do I feel the body to FEEL
TO BE. But: As, that the sensation, the body dissolves into
immobility. Everything at the wider sense of bodiless.
I would just stand there. Always. Night and day.
but I can not stay there during my occupancy. not yet.

I wonder.
The sense of Being is a thing of the mind?
I'm doing with my mind. And I'm tricking quinfdi?
Or is that correct?

Thank you.

So much love for you!


I have so much desire to always be in meditation. It had never happened.
I feel joy, if only to practice!


  1. hard to read this, im guesing the person does not speak fluent english.

  2. When i read the nisargadatta gita nad meditate on it and try to keep focused on the I AM in the waking state, i just end up in silence, stillness. A kind of feeling that everything is inside me. I have no heart sensations felt in the body as the author of this post says, although i can feel them if i want to. If i focus on them, they grow stronger. Ultimately though, i abandoned that heart feeling because its experienced by the real me and must be another aspect of the mind if its an experience. All experience is of the mind, so why are we focusing on these sensations? Is this wrong? I keep practicing the gita but find no mention of these energies. I am aware that they are not in the body but in conciousness itself which is all the manifest stuff.

  3. Yes, I'm sorry. I do not speak fluent English. I've been here a few months.
    I just wanted to clarify one thing: I say heart. But I'm not talking physical Body. I mean the center of myself. What in me is concentrated in that area. But is not the physical heart.
    Thank you. Sorry for the English is not fluent.

  4. M. It was beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. Thank you for being there. You are precious.