11 June 2011

Thank you Edji, thank you Jo-Ann.


I really needed this so much.  This exactly describes the difficulties of having to make efforts to return to employment, the marketplace and all that, without identifying with the one that perceives itself as the source of those efforts, without losing detachment from outcomes. I'd love to hear more on this.


Don't try to remain detached.  That is a static position.

Let go and surrender to the anxieties and fears of the moment, and within them, act!

Do not hold onto silence. The real silence comes to you. Holding onto a pseudo silence, effortfully, already introduces a separation. You are trying to possess it as an object.


Thank you so much Ed. I didn't expect a personal reply to my thank-you note, shame on me, you really do walk the talk. 

I feel a bit stupid, because I have been trying to cultivate detachment, equating it with 'not coming from the ego'. I think I need to go back and do some re-learning, because what you've said about trying to remain detached being a static position shows me a major mistake I have been making, not just some of the time, but all of the time, in trying to keep myself in a fixed 'spiritual' position - I wonder if I am right in seeing this as trying to create a nice, spritualised ego for the fictional aspect of myself to express from? Scary, but I really needed this question. 

Thanks again, Ed,

Love to All,



Precisely right. You have become stuck in a false spiritual concept that has no life. Real silence comes from diving deep into your inner space and exploring mental objects, emotions and energies, and to watch the coming and going of all. But mostly, you need to find the I Am, which is your sense of personal self, existence, aliveness and sentience, and then REST there, don't focus on or concentrate there, rest there.

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  1. Ed, I am amazed for someone who has blown open the top of their head, how extremely well grounded you are.