23 June 2011

The Mother of Satsang Says this is the best Satsang yet, from last Saturday. It is pure Advaita.



  1. Dear All,

    This Satsang will be up on YouTube in a few days as an audio file and on the WeAreSentience website as a downloadable mp3 later tonight on Edji's Satsang page.

    And a HUGE THANK YOU to Tina for providing the audio she made of Edji's talk as we weren't recording (thinking there would be no talk!).

    Much love to all and don't forget Deeya's first of many Silent Meditation Sessions on Sunday... details to be mailed out Friday.

    "Mother" ;-)

  2. Thank you Edji for speaking from such a depth. I love you and we all do love you.

  3. Wow Edji. Blown away and blown in. Powerful and beautiful. All heart and tears right now...many thank yous Ed.

    Love you,

  4. Yes.


    The basic content stands.

    I'll like access to a clean version,

    if one exists.

    Thank you,

  5. Edji,

    I listened to your amazing Satsang many times. I loved it. I was deeply moved. I was inspired. I dare even say ...

    When Love moves I arise. I am born because of Love. Love is prior to Consciousness. Love is the mother of Consciousness. Love gives birth. Love gave birth to me. Love wanted me to exist. Love is therefore I am. Love is a movement, a continuous birthing of I-AM.

    You say "Why would I want to come back?". Because Love wanted me, loved me.

    In deep gratitude,

  6. Dear Janet,

    how would you describe your "me" ?

    All the best :)