29 June 2011

On June 12, I wrote an article on the killing of Lilly’s 12 full-term puppies at the Maricopa County AZ pound: http://bit.ly/ivhb7z
Here they go again. Mama dog came into the “shelter” full term. She was spayed and her puppies were individually killed by overdose injection. They were not counted in statistics. They were not report as “healthy” deaths. Rescue groups were not given the ability to save them. And Maddie’s Fund will continue to peddle the fiction that Maricopa County is saving ALL healthy animals despite a 50% rate of killing, no better than the national average. 
On the right is mama dog, no longer pregnant. Her puppies are all dead, in the freezer waiting to be discarded like so much trash. To add the ultimate insult to her injury, the mom is now scheduled to be killed. This is YOUR animal shelter. The one that blames YOU for the killing.

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  1. Really sad to watch this...
    In our institute we have hundreds of dogs..Though noone has particularly adopted the dogs, all of them are treated with love and compassion and somebody or the other, feeds them regularly..They guard us and we guard and love them too..How could people even think of killing harmless animals, I'm shocked..