09 June 2011

Dearest Edji, Good morning,
It has only been a few short days since following the clear advice of yours to self inquire upon awakening, then read a few pages of the Nisargadatta Gita.  Then 30 mins of strong sitting in meditation after pondering the verses of the Gita.
Words are hard to use here, but let's give it a try!
Such beautiful, indescribable unfoldings in meditation dear Edji.  I don't know what is being rested into, it is Me, my true home, the ultimate rest.  It is the awareness that is seeing all thoughts arise and disappear within is self, but remains untouched.  
It seems to emanate from the spiritual heart on the right side of the chest, but what it is, I can only explain as "space consciousness".  And it is ME...the peace, joy and love that arise and flow are blissful and intoxicating. 
Never, has this "ground zero" been rested into before Edji, all can come, have its play and leave, yet this remains untouched.
I do not know what it is....this ultimate resting place.....to put a label on it right now seems unnecessary.  I know you know though :) 
In daily activities, a space has opened up, this is the only way to explain....almost like everything is taking place within that space....and I am that space.
I would love to hear any comment you have. 
with utmost gratitude for your clear and loving guidance Edji


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