11 June 2011

Dear Edji,
thank you so, so much for satsang this evening, what you spoke of relationships really was timely and resonated here.  It can be a tough balance in a relationship when one is on a devoted spiritual path and the other does not share it. It can cause one or both persons to shut the other out.  This happened to me and my husband earlier this year, but it forced us to communicate, and in doing so it was realized what deep love and respect and joy we share we share for each other.  And that the spiritual path was only a wedge between us if we chose to see it as such. This is the simplified version, by the way....there probably isn't enough space in your inbox for the whole story :)
I loved the He Bhagavan chant tonight!  what deep rest!
When you spoke of Jnana and Bhakta paths together, it resonated so much here, tears flowed.
Thank you again dearest Edji
much love


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