03 June 2011

Dear Edji,

With reference to our recent correspondence.

You said to :-
Grab onto the best part of the I Am and stay there as it arises.

I have been doing this with much success, and the I Am state is becoming more frequent, but not yet stable. I have been focusing on your image and the love felt for you.  This brings a deeper immersion into the I am state.

However, all of is seen to be merely transient, and moving through the pure awareness which is truly me.  It seems like I am the witness of the trying to hold on to a state even though it is the lofty I am.

The true me is passively watching all of this taking place within its self. 

However, there is a paradox.  The identification of "me" vascillates back and forth between the body/mind, the I am, and the pure awareness.  

Dear Master Edji, my question is....is the stability of remaining in the I am state which you spoke of always watched from the perspective of the pure awareness, or should the identification be firmly with the I am state?

There is confusion here, but even that confusion is seen to be a temporary state which has come into awareness and at some time will pass through.

Can you please comment on all of this dear Master

with much love and deep humble gratitude for you and your guidance



Yes, it is totally a matter of identification--which do you identify with.
Stay with the I Am. Don't struggle to focus on it, just rest in it.

It will purify until it is the same as the witness.




Dearest Edji,

The identification right now can vary between the witness, body/mind and I am.. 

When you say, when rested in "the I am will purify until it is the same as the witness" this explains everything so clearly dear Master.  

What simplicity! thank you so much for the guidance.....The I am will be rested in without struggle to focus on it.....

with much love and humble gratitude



  1. Dear Ed,

    Who is it that identifies?
    I hear always "identify with awareness", "you are wrongly identifying with body/mind", "identify with consciousness" etc.
    who is this 'you' which identifies? I am not able to process this 'you'.

  2. The beautiful sensitivity of finding sacred space filled with love of the Great I AM because of the indwelling of the Loving Spirit within. Lately I have my monthly intent has been on filling my void by engaging "the fullness of love to be me". I believe the I AM is this incredible love plasma. Anyway to describe your bliss brings tears to my eyes and more love makes the love field wider! Namaste

  3. You will never find YOU; you must be YOU.