07 June 2011

From my friend, Nathan Winograd, America's greatest No-Kill Guru:

 Nathan Winograd
This is Ebony. She is scheduled to be killed in New York City's pound, right down the street from the richest SPCA (the ASPCA) in the nation which last year took in over $100,000,000, despite the Mayor's Alliance receiving over $20,000,000 in Maddie's Fund grants, despite the largest adopter pool in the U.S. (8,000,000), and despite a per capita intake rate 1/7 that of No Kill Reno, NV. And while she waits for her death, she is kept in the filthiest conditions possible. NYC's claim to be a "national model" is a cruel hoax.


Ebony is dead: http://on.fb.me/jdcN5y. Next time I see an ASPCA commercial or ad asking for more money they'll hoard in their bank accounts; next time the Mayor's Alliance says they are on track for a No Kill NYC; next time Maddie's Fund says New York City is a national model we should all emulate, I'll think of Ebony. I'll think of Ginger and her puppies: http://bit.ly/iz86MM. I'll think of Oreo:http://bit.ly/80TnfK. I'll think of Jerome: http://bit.ly/aMPKUY. I'll think of four tiny kittens: http://bit.ly/bsH8uA. I'll think of three underweight ones:http://bit.ly/mdbiN1 (which the ASPCA sent to the pound). And the thousands of others whose lives were entrusted to those unworthy of and unequal to the task. Those who were supposed to be their protectors, instead betrayed them for personal gain. And I will continue to fight. Because that is what the situation calls for.


  1. Can an animal take you beyond? I feel tremendous love for them. I am going to adopt one today from our local kill-shelter after seeing your post. Can they take you to the I AM and beyond? AFter all, their love is unconditional.

  2. I really don't know. I do know that the mutual love between animals and humans is very pure because not a lot of conditions are imposed. It is unconditional love. But I am not certain the relationships can engender all the flavors of love necessary to bring one to rest.

  3. Australia to kill camels because they burp and fart too much...what next are we humans going to come up with to kill animals?...how about we lesson our waste?


    We humans waste so much at the expense of animals...look at Ebony and the wasteful politicians who have to get their money first and the supposed mission of the aspca is an afterthought.



  4. I have heard many times that as soon as you wakeup in the morning, the I AM/awareness is free/enlightened/whatever. It lasts a split second then your mind turns on so to speak. Couldn't you simply goto sleep and have someone wake you up as soon as you fall asleep, and try to catch it. Then do it again and again and again to infinity til you get it? Just a thought.