01 June 2011

From Pradeep Apte, author of the Nisargadatta Gita;

Dear Ed,

Thank you very much for this recent mail of yours which went straight to the I AM, as it was the I AM addressing the I AM. All these people around you with whom now you share a loving relationship is love in its purest form, as it comes when one truly understands and abides in the I AM.

Being motive free and devoid of conflict are some of its strongest characterestics and it pleases the I AM to see its understanding, developed through our great Guru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, seeing the light of the day.

I even to-day recite the Ram Naam and use the rosary as they and the I AM are one and the same. The I AM without words in its purest form is the Self which is again nothing but the Absolute or the Parabrahman - the one and only that ever was, is and would forever be.


He goes on to say he will be In California in late October or early November and we could perhaps do a joint Satsang in LA.


  1. Hello, Ed.

    Now that I can look at the different spiritual traditions without the stress and anxiety of having to find "my salvation" in them, I think I understand them better, and I´d say that the abidance in the "I Am without words" as a door to the Absolute is a universal teaching that has always been the core of almost every tradition before they get distorted.

    For example, Dzogchen uses the word "Son Light" to define a sphere of consciousness that appears to be located in the skull", and this Son Light is like the manifest messenger and cognitive aspect of the Mother Light or Dharmakaya, which is the Absolute in its unmanifest form. This Son Light´s sphere is what leaves the body in the "out of body experiences".

    They teach that Son Light´s crystal-like sphere of pure consciousness can be clouded by thoughts, and then the drama of apparent separation appears, but actually Son Light per se and Mother light are not really affected by that fake obscuration.

    So Dzogchen teaches that the solution is to just abide in the Son Light without thoughts (The I Am without words?) in order to understand that Son Light is like a space/time "radiation" from Mother light and, at the time of death, the Son Light just merges with its root, the unmanifest Mother light, which is our ultimate nature.

    The light at the end of the tunnel in "near death experiences" would be the consequence of Son Light´s sphere of consciousness leaving the manifest realm and observing Mother Light´s coming, and then merging with it (that is, the I Am dissapearing in the Absolute)

    And we could say the same about Christ saying something like "You can only reach the Father through the Son" and dozens more examples.

    Do you agree that most traditions have this abidance in the I Am as their core teaching, Ed?



  2. Edji,

    "Being motive free and devoid of conflict ..."

    I find it very interesting as this morning I was contemplating on the nature of conflicts. I was thinking how nothing is static, nothing is permanent. I am constantly changing. Rapidly. A lot of conflicts arise. All that I cling to is in conflict with the new that arises in me. But I realize all that I cling to is merely concepts. It is so simple and yet the habit to cling is here. Occasionally I drop even that concept and what pure being and joy. And then Love reigns in it's full glory. I am fully surrendered, inactive, in rest, in Self. Meeting the Brahman that could never be met.


  3. Dear Ed: "Being motive and conflict free" when entering into a state of grace, being cosmic consciousness, finding sacred space in the commonality of it all. Realizing you've got this illusion licked and know from what you are; spirit! Methods are many to find this place but they don't matter as long as you get there!

  4. Roberts words on conflict constantly come back to me. Never react. Thats it. That simple. Surrender. Can you do it better than God can?