20 June 2011

I can't remember if I asked you already about this.
You say you teach self-enquiry in the light of Robert and Ramana.
But I wonder what Robert might say to your comment about doing
"sesshin" at mount baldy - and only taking a week to
attain samadhi? (not sure which samadhi you're refering to)
How does that jive with Robert and Ramana exactly?

Thanks for your time,

Where is the inconsistency you appear to see?

I teach self-abidance as opposed to self-inquiry.

Zen and Advaita are different paths with different experiences and understandings.

Zen is more into perception and immediacy, while traditional Advaita has a theory associated with it, sometimes emphasizing Consciousness and oneness, sometimes the primacy of Turyatta, the state prior to all states, or the stateless states.

All paths are not equal, and many experiences and understandings are mutually exclusive if you hold onto either a Zen understanding or an Advaita understanding.

I was a Buddhist monk many years before I met Robert, and was at Mt. Baldy 17 years before I met Robert. Did you want me to forget my Zen experiences before I met Robert in order to make my life's understanding and experiences consistent over a period of 40 years? Is that what you prize, consistent knowledge and experiences?

That is all the time it takes to attain many states during an intense Zen retreat, a few days. There is really nothing like the intensity of a retreat as at Mt. Baldy, with people beating you with sticks in near sub zero temperatures in a Zendo if you nod off to sleep.

Actually, you can't compare the states between various disciplines. They are not identical across the conceptual lines created by the differing methods and epistemology.

Do not be captured by your understanding of spirituality, but let go, otherwise you will always see problems.

Back At Me:

Just seems like you're diverging from what Ramana and Robert taught here.

Firstly, what good is there to speak of various states of samadhi - when they are not the ultimate unchanging Reality?

Both obviously spoke on them, but only to explain them conceptually - and to remind that they are not the Goal.

And certainly not to claim it can be attained (by a select few? anyone?) doing a few days of meditation?
And further to suggest a retreat of that nature?

It just seems odd and out of line with your teacher and his - and the non dual tradition as a whole.

It could be that I am stuck on a conception of advaita in their lineage/style - but ask yourself this;

Would Robert, Ramana, Nisargadatta, or other Masters in this line ever have spoken those words?
I seriously doubt it.


You are stuck on your understanding of Robert and Ramana based on books. Robert, in life, was much different from his teachings. I am different from Robert, I do not teach his Satsang teachings because generally they were for beginners interested in theory and basic techniques.

You should concern yourself less with your apprehension of apparent contradictions between how you perceive Robert's teachings versus mine, and be more concerned about your own teachings, which means your own sense of I Am and self. 

You have to understand this. It does not matter what you think Robert or Ramana would or would not have said. That is all thinking on your part. You need to get out of concepts and perceive the sense of presence, the I Am, then you would not be so concerned with words. There is no truth in words.


  1. Dear Edjt: Great discourse here! Funny too! Could you not tarry awhile...and please do not abandon those to sleep as needed is this awakened attention especially during the last watch. To be reminded gently (hopefully) and with harmony these remanents remain a constant reminder as willow branches switch on the glory of enlightment's nectar. Truly! It would be a favour to those who seek and are the charge of spiritual gifts bestowed especially when almost there is a state about to find the placement upon those heavenly ladder rungs to dimensional shifts. Would gongs and piercing bells do the trick?Maybe would disturb the fine highly tuned environmental vibrations that takes "just the right touch"; I'd imagine!

  2. wtf? The original poster comments and the comment above have me wondering if some of that Japanese nuclear pollution is possibly having some measurable effect stateside...


  3. I love a good hit to the established structure of ‘should and should not’ in relation to practise. It really warms things up, opens the door to real discussion and brings clarity to what practise really is all about.

    I was caught in the bliss of ‘I Amness’ on a completely different Path, until I connected with Edji. He provided the key to transcend it, but that does not mean that I abandoned my Path. All that I needed was a key, and that was the fact that the ‘I Am’ is always witnessed and from that I discovered the interconnectedness and interdependence of ‘I am meditation, the vivid and electric power of witnessing and the use of Unconditioned Intelligence for perfect balance in self-investigation and action in daily life.

    So here is a little tickler to get the party started.

    The vivid and electric power of witnessing and the ability to enter the original primordial state from the conditioned temporal state at will, has become lost, because over centuries we have become completely identified with the false ego centre that we have acquired since birth and now a conditioned layer of consciousness that has been programmed from hundreds of different contradictory sources is covering our unconditioned intelligence, making us completely unaware of our intrinsic source of primal energy and intention-power.

    Because of this predicament our original unified energy and awareness is being scattered and constantly used up through the continuous involuntary movement of the senses, attachments, associations, memories, thoughts, dreams, emotions, desires and primal urges, into pleasure, ego-gratification and sensation that is detrimental to the entire physical organism.

    Only by bringing order to this chaotic involuntary movement, activating our now-dormant intrinsic source of power and becoming aware of our intuitive faculties that align with unconditioned intelligence through our unity skills and self-investigation, can we get centred in the witnessing consciousness and unite the body, its animating energy, heart-mind, intention-power, unconditioned intelligence and the empty mind, which contains the absolute oneness and omnipresence of the all-immersing void and attain the most powerful unified state possible, that liberates the consciousness, so that it can enter into and remain in its non-dual unchanging, omnipresent state when action is not required in the material world and when action is required, it can move totally into the conditioned temporal state and interact with whatever action is being encountered without losing its unified state.