26 January 2010

To Me:

Glad I can help.. [with a donation]

I have two rescued cats who are love incarnate! So I very much appreciate 
what you do...especially the help you are offering with your blog.

On the inquiry side of things...do you plan to hold Satsang in person? I'm really feeling the pull to be in that sort of setting...I'm tired of all the concepts and philosophy...they can be enjoyable, but it just seems like game playing. And the so called 'neo advaitists' all stop at 'beingness'...they say to just realize that "I Am" is a thought and that you are prior to thoughts...well...from what I gather, that is NOT what Nisargadatta was teaching. I have been reading the Nisargadatta Gita and the Jean Dunn books like you instructed...and it seems to me that he was saying even the thoughtless sense of presence is false...that the sense not the thought I Am has to go..is this correct?

Thanks again for all your generosity in these matters.


Yes N.

You certainly are before the I thought, but you also are before the I AM feeling, and even before consciousness itself! The I Am thought and I Am feeling are different, although often when the whole structure of thought breaks down and is seen through, the sense of presence, or I Am disappears leaving a sense of emptiness. But the sense of presence always returns. It is this sense of presence, or the I Am that has to be seen through, and the root consciousness of Turiya, the unchanging has to be experienced. Then you see that all states of human consciousness are merely added onto you.

You have to go to the core of being, the Turiya state, which is the source of all consciousness states.

Just keep reading the Nisargadatta Gita as a meditation manual first thing in the morning. Reflect on it. Keep me informed.

Thanks again,


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