11 January 2010


     I have been practicing Kriya for the past 8 years and I discovered your itisnotreal.com website about a month ago. I have concluded that the material on your website along with your suggested reading has began to utterly change “me”.  The one thing that I have been primarily missing in my spiritual endeavor is strenuous self analysis.  I have spent a long long time meditating and sitting in “stillness” which in itself has had a profound effect on my being. But the ability to be in that stillness and contemplate on “I am” or “what am I”…etc  has literally blown my little world apart.  My Guru has always said that the most important question we can ask is who am I?  But for some reason, I never really held on to this question and gave it a lot of thought until I discovered your site.  

I read Prior to Consciousness in a matter of days ( I know, way way way to quickly) but I found that my intuition just soaked it up as quickly as I could read it. Every morning now when I wake up I discover that I am different than I was the day before in a very profound way.  Things simply are not bothering me any longer.  I have stopped having the need to argue with anyone. I can be completing the most mundane tasks or talking about the most boring of subjects and have the same level of engagement as I would with anything else. 

The world sparkles with unbelievable freshness.  I think that Kriya has helped me greatly in bringing my mind under control, and made self introspection much more powerful.  I am literally astounded minute to minute at the simplicity and lightness of everything.
    I thought it appropriate to at least give you a heartfelt thank you.  It is time for me to slow down and read less and “practice” more.


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  1. Caleb I completely agree and relate with what you have written. Nice. Very nice.