07 January 2010

Dear Ed,

I have just happened upon your website while reading "Prior To Consciousness".  Although you folks seem very far beyond my experiences thus far, it all speaks deeply to me.  

I was drawn to read Ramana, Gangaji, Nisargadatta and now you.  I would be very interested in your teaching/ Satsang online.  Have you started? Also, any beginning help for me would be most appreciated...I do feel as if I could use some *teacher* aid.

I am grateful for all your sharings...and your help with the cats.  Really.

All love,


Hi Karen,

Here is what I want you to do. I will be your guide and save you 10 or 20 years if you want to go all the way to complete liberation. I don't ask you to trust me, but to try what I advise for a month or two, and see what happens.

Download the Nisargadatta Gita I am sending you, print it out and place in a 3 ring binder and it becomes your bible.  Read it every morning. Ponder the words then meditate on the I Am feeling, the sense you exist.

Do this for two weeks. I want to see if this approach fits you. I hope so. You may begin to feel peace almost right away, and that will mark that it is good for you.


Thank you very much Ed.  I am grateful for your suggested guidance and shall begin.

I will be in touch when it feels right.

Great gratitude,


Dear Ed,

Peace.  Freedom.  Truth.

My experience is the quietest, calmest fireworks.  It is as if everything just stopped, someone lifted off the veil and all simply *is*.  My seeking in the past had me always engaged in perfecting myself, so busy with some new and special practice. With this, I don't feel the urgency to get anywhere, rather a simple gratitude that it is.  I have been deeply moved by Robert's words on your site...simple and profound.  Finally my insides say, this is what you know.

Thank you for your offer to guide...I am truly grateful.

I read the *bible* and find that all day long, the Who am I keeps speaking. This is the most quieting practice.  

Thank you,

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