28 January 2010

A new book is available for free download. It is the complete edited dialogues between Rajiv and I regarding the various states he experienced during meditation on the I Am sense. It is intended as a meditation guide for those who want to actually experience an awakening. For those who have read the earlier dialogues, this book has a new introduction and an additional 80 pages and additional explanations throughout.

Your experiences will not be the same, but they might be similar. In any event, the explanations given are appropriate for broad classes of experiences on the way to awakening. In this book, the experience of Turiya is clearly described, also known as the waking sleep, as well as pitfalls to be avoided, like pausing at an incorrect understanding of consciousness and the Absolute.

This work brings together the two Jnana traditions of Ramana Maharshi/Robert Adams, and Nisargadatta/Ranjit.


  1. What makes this account of the Awakening so astounding is the fact of it being presented in a "real time" sequence so that we, the readers, can somehow grasp and then appreciate the revelations with the accompanying highs and lows that went with it.

    What a roller coaster ride we could be in for!