23 January 2010

Dearest Ed,

thank You very much for your blog!

all happens by itself; this is now clearer:

every thought, decision, action happens without my involvment; it is like everything else in the field of perception: happens by itself, is not chosen by me.

In a similar way, it is only identification with body-mind that gives one impression to decide, act and think, but it is not so...

In sitting practice is the same: I do nothing and everything happens by its own; many strong energy movements (kundalini) or thoughts, insights etc. but now I am not involved.

All this has nothing to do with me: the insight that all universe and 'my' body, all perceptions are apart and different from me is clearer: sometime there is unity, sometime no, but all this is Shakti, is not separate from me, but in a way is only manifestation and I am beyond every manifestation.
No experience can change me, or define me, neither joy nor sorrow, everythin is contaneid in me, I am the universe and beyond it. This is not stable, but is clearer.

Beyond what I perceive now there is 'nothing' this is what I am;
sometime people and things are made of awareness, but they are only a vision, a perception, and I am beyond.

For example You now exist as a thought and image perceveid and nothing else.

Now a feeling of gratitude to You,

Wuld You like to comment?

with gratitude,

My comment is that you are entirely correct. You understanding is 100% correct.

You just have to stay there and live it to make it yours 100% in every minute of day and night. 


Dearest Ed,

Thank You so much!

This morning in sitting practice, resting without doing nothing,
initially there were many thoughts, then energy, etc... but at the same time began a spontaneus movement of attention towards itself, like settling in itself and insights came:

all problems come with identification with the world of perception, when one loses interest in perception universe, then one begins to rest in ones real nature, in itself.

Then gradually something deeper, a silence beyond any perception, emerged and began to settle... The miracle seems this losing interest in the world of perception because nothing in it could give me what I am.

This shift from perception to something (silence) beyond it continued all the session: when there is this silence the perceptions are there but are secondary, like in surface;

Counsciousness is my surface, but in the depth I am silence, beyond it: this is true not only in sitting practice, but ever; but until now I was like ipnotized by surface (counsciousness) not noting the depth of myself (silence beyond counsciousness).

What do You think about it?

Homage to You, You are not a thought or image, You are the Reality Itself that I am...

Everyone and everything is this Reality beyond perception...

With love and gratitude,


There is really nothing to say except your understanding is perfect. Just stay where you are. The perfection will settle more and spread to all aspects of your being.


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  1. This is enormously helpful. Thanks to L, and especially to you Ed for sharing all this.
    My practice is so much more intense and stable because I'm reading your blog.