04 January 2010

As I sat for evening dhyaan I reached a trance state soon. With attention at the background and witnessing of thoughts
the mind gets interiorized. I reach a state between sleep and conciousness.  The mind becomes solid and hard and thoughts are gone. There was  a blurred inner experience, a numbed feeling like an effect of a drug.The blurred inner experience tries to deepen and then the beingness was felt like a wave rising and falling in an ocean of my heart.WOW

Any small Noise outside caused intense disturbance at the  heart.The noise literally attacked my heart  and shook the deep silence. Hence I had to stop at that. 

For the first time I felt the beingness as a wave floating, rising and falling in the ocean of my heart. It was a semi conscious state I think.

After the session I felt such intense happiness. I felt crying with tears of joy in my eyes. Every cell of my body was yelling  with intense happiness.That was inspite of the fact that a minor crisis of sorts has arisen in my finances  yet I feel totally unaffected.

In the midst of  turmoil I have only one thing to do: SMILE.
Smile with tears of intense Joy. I felt Master I touched the inner most core of my being today which originates from the heart but extends far beyond it.

Pranoms Master,


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