05 January 2010

Does anyone read Korean? What are they saying here?


Secret revealed. Sent to me from Paul Paek

“Introduce the authentic Zen Buddhism to the world”

“I wish to convey the messages of Korean Buddhism to Americans that carries the truths of inner side of humanity whereas the conventional Buddhism is somewhat formal”

4pm on 18th at Jogye Temple, Mr. Edward Muzika is appointed to become the first International Dharma Instructor from foreign country for Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Ed says “I will disseminate the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism yet unfarmiliar to Americans with customized programs for ascerticism that fit to Americans.”

Ed is the vice president of American Buddhist Congress and he’s been collaborating with the Buddhism of Korea, Japan, Tibet, South East Asian countries and China. He had a special affection to Korean Buddhism after meeting Doan, the chief Buddhist monk of Korean American Buddhist Congress in Los Angeles. Ed expressed his regrets that Korean Buddhism is not introduced to the world and he will give his small help to make the globalization of Korean Buddhism.

Ed and Doan plan to preferment the Dongsan Buddhism University in Los Angeles to a formal four year University and put more efforts to translate the Korean Buddhism books to English.


  1. Roughly understood from what a Korean has read: Ed Muzika (PhD, Age 57 in 1999) Vice-Chairman of American Buddhist Congress, has known and respected a Korean Zen monk in LA. Both wanted to spread the Buddhism to the US people. They would also like to extend a Buddhist college in LA from 2 years to 4 years.

  2. Thank you. They are speaking maybe of Seung Sahn, at whose temple I stayed when I was in Korea.

  3. This is Nice Master.Very nice.