30 January 2010

Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for your reply to me, Your mum, my dad, illness definitely grounds me for sure. I hope now this email reaches you things have resolved themselves Ed. for some reason I didn't expect one and your message has been
sitting in my inbox with lots of the usual stuff for a long time because I took time out from trawling the webgurus and emails and everything whilst I just spent time letting what I had already absorbed sink in and become
comfortable with that. Just this morning it just occurred to me to go to your website and Boom, there's the autobiography waiting for me! I've read a bit but can't understand much, but I feel it, I feel this guy's passion and
pain, it feels like me! Ha. So then I check my email box for Ed, and there you are. 

I have been meditating now and again and have the same experiences as before but recently I have been seeing/experiencing a chrome/silver sphere/object penetrate through the nothingness and feel the most
overpowering bliss, it's almost too much. I'm also getting these energy spasms during the day, they just seem to come and go. It's not painful it just feels like  Whoooaaa............... there it is again. Let me be
completely honest with you, it happens when I read something, see something or have a small realisation about something that I sort of feel at one with, or somehow I recognize as the truth ( whatever that means!)

Ed, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and thought that went into your replies to me

Best Wishes


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