02 July 2012

Why am I posting this? FOR YOU TO TAKE ACTION!  Organize a picket outside the nearest Chinese embassy.  Don't buy anything from China. Repost this photo elsewhere.

A group of Chinese dog lovers leaded by Chinese action artist Pian Shan Kong came to a dog meat market in YULIN CITY IN CHINA ( Festival of Dog Fluff ) of Guangxi campaigning against eating dog. Pian Shan Kong even knelt down in front of the dead dogs in the market, confessing sins and apologizing to the dogs.Chinese action artist knelt down in front of killed dogs, confessing sins and apologizing to the dead dogs.have you noticed the mockery of employees? OUTRAGEOUS !!! Source => http://careforchineseanimals.net/2012/06/26/artist-pian-shan-kong-knelt-down-in-front-of-the-dead-animals/


  1. That's a better way instead of putting them to sleep the 'civilized way'.

    Must be an over population of dogs in China.

    There's an over population of cats here too can we bring those Chinese cat eaters to do the same here?

  2. Yes Pian is being mocked. God Bless him and those with him.

    I have a friend going to China this month. She annually goes to the orphanages somewhere in that country. She reports that the orphanages are cruel (in her opinion). This year she is attempting to get Montessori Educators to make more of a presence in the country at least for the children of the orphanages she visits.

    My wife and I supplied her with a couple of contacts we know. We operate a Montessori/J. Krishnamurti school here in the U.S.A. Even getting the concepts of progressive, freedom based schools into China is difficult in that it is no guarantee that the teachers trained in the method will "get it". They often see it only on the superficial level of gaining a materialistic advantage.

    It is easy to get discouraged. I agree with you, we do need to make our voices heard at the embassies and elsewhere.

    Thank you Edji,

    Respectfully, Mike

  3. Another approach from the point of education is to encourage members of dog training groups such as service dogs for support of people with disabilities, dogs for the blind and dogs assisting children and adults with type 1 diabetes to enter China and other places.

    Perhaps when the magnificance and relevance of dogs is seen from the angle of the human/canine interrelationship on another level, change will be inevitable.

    We work with "dogs assisting diabetics" here. If anyone knows of physicians or others with connections into China please contact the group or any other agencies that deal humanely with service dogs.

    We need to get to the heart of people anyway we can.

    Sincerely, Mike

  4. I hate this shit. Makes me want to turn such grinning crowds into Chung-King Chow Mein Dog Food; just run them all through a giant meat grinder [alive] straight into cans...no anesthesia, no blindfolds. And no remorse here. The cans could be shipped to the US and used to feed dogs and cats in no-kill shelters.

    But is it really any different here except for our emotional attachment to dogs and cats as pets? We hardly honor the beings that are sacrificed to become our food. Even that much would be great progress. Humans will not stop eating animals. If cows, for instance, were to become an "endangered species," we would simply clone them.

  5. It's true. We are not better than anyone else. Do any of us know what those grinning persons in the photo are really feeling? Perhaps embarrassment, guilt, shame? Perhaps contempt. The point is, we don't know.

    Pian is feeling something also. I think that is what Edji is telling us to do as well. Feel and speak from the heart? It has nothing to do with judging others or wanting to "punish" them. Nor does it have anything to do with just standing by and just watching. We don't need to TRY to change anyone else, but we can work toward helping all of us as a human family be FREE to make those changes ourselves.

    "Front Yard, Back Yard"...

  6. Yes, that was just my immediate response to seeing the dogs lying there with the expressions of death still on their innocent faces, and envisioning the inhumanity of the events that led up to this scene.

    What a hellish event. There is an acceptance of this world as it appears, and a seeing beyond the illusion of it also. It is still a relative "living hell" for many beings.

    I do not actually wish such "punishment" as I described on anyone. I understand something of the cultural programming of the Chinese people, and that most of those present in the scene are also victims.

    That does not diminish the pain and rage that such photos illicit. Such feelings arise, period. That there is no obvious compassion being expressed in my comment does not mean it is non-existent.

    The most I could wish on any of the people in the photo would be to have a terrifying night-dream of just that scenario, so they might very quickly feel the actual horror of what they are participating in. Just a moment of such "seeing" could be life-changing.

    I would call that "ferocious compassion."

    1. Yes anonymous, understood. It just plain hurts, doesn't it?

  7. The meditation teacher I had when quite young said: sometimes the most compassionate thing one can do for another is punch him and say "STOP". That is for those who feel they cannot stop on their own and wish someone would help them that way.

    Skillful Action, (ha, ha).

  8. Very pity Animals... why they eat them? They are so cute. i love Animals i stop to eat meat long time ago. This world so bad always hear suffering everyday. The end of the world is true.