20 July 2012

All is Love; All is Self

Aided, I think, by all the Bhaktas in our Sangha, for three days I have been experiencing constant waves of bliss and "rivers of love" flowing upwards through my body.  The love is so sweet, so subtle and yet so vast, filling the Voids of the subtle body, carrying me far away beyond the mundane world.

Today I awoke very ill.  The energies that had been with me for two days seemed too much for this body, so I laid down in silence, not talking to anyone.

Something then happened.  My body melted into those blissful energies, and the Void itself seemed to flow.  Then a love so sweet descended downwards throughout my entire body, and then into my sense of presence.  Sweet energies perceived for days now permeated my presence as a divine breath of love.  I was ecstatic, unable and unwilling to move.

Then my Beloved, my Self arose once again from within, and nothing else mattered.  I, the source of the universe, showed forth, and I, as the witness, the cognizer even of love and the Self felt touched by her sweetness and her power. All were I.  All were love.  All were in completion.  I love you all.


  1. Nothing you've said to me has meant more than the voids filling with love.

  2. beautifully sweet

    i love how you share your states.

  3. Dear Edji and Company: How I love to; oh please let me ride with you on this cloud joyride this wave of love; i am~! BIG deep love i feel EDJI is everywhere I am~!sustaining love divine by being love divine as we vibrate upon each other LOVE YOU ALL~!!! Saturday I was with you in spirit, as my body watched me take care of the shadow things unfolding all illusions dont pay attention just be and let all ohm