27 July 2012


During the first six hours after I posted my request for donations, We Are Sentience received $1,600! Over the next 48 hours, we received another $1,800!  This is enough for two months of operations, including No Pet Left Behind, and the spiritual aspects of our work.

Thank you so very much!

A few people remarked that I should be more donor supportive with gift cards, thank you notes, and the like.  You are right.  The problem I have is I am only one person here in Los Angeles, and am always trying to balance how to spend my time.  If any donor wishes to contact me, they are surely welcome to do so by email and we can talk on Skype.  However, mostly donations come in anonymously, with me knowing nothing about the donors except an impersonal email address  on a Paypal invoice.

Feel free to write at any time and I'll get back to you next week after our live Satsang in Los Angeles.


  1. YAY!

    Splendid. It's a shame that you had to ask, but great that so many gave when you did ask.

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  4. Very glad to know that Edji, Just hope that you would never have to ask again. What you do is not a career option, its sheer compassion.

  5. Not sure what's wrong with asking. The asking and the giving are one in the same.

    I'm touched by the willingness and freedom to ask as well as the generosity that the asking provoked in many.

  6. Hello Edj and others !
    I m so pleased to discover that blog ! I didnt think that a gourou like Edj might be existing !!! what love and so what freedom in him and in his words !!! he is just what i was seeking for a very long time . I was completely desapointed by ashrams and teaching gourous and i was deciding to go alone . And o miracle i am decovering your blog !!!
    it is very most easy with you and your songs to stay in heart and be quiet!!!
    i'd like to help you with paypal but i dont' know what to do from France with euros and not dollard ! please tell me .
    Much love for all the people here and Edj thanks to be like that and giving so love and so happiness !!!

  7. Edji, I feel the Sangha must be supporting Your Marvelous Teachings and Work out of Compassion in a continuos way. Not in just one day or occasion. The Sangha must find a Way to turn this financial support into regular donations, maybe monthly or another period of time. All the Jnanis ever, needed this in a regular basis.
    Love and Happy!

    p.s I am sad for help with so few, this time. But Edji you can believe was out of Love. But the others will be greater ammount. Never we will pay for your Teachings and Love.

  8. Without pride there is no 'shame' in asking.

    I'm happy for the cats and grateful for present activity.

    Chris n' Fritz

  9. dear coquelicot,

    if you have a paypal account, donating is very easy.
    you just enter the amount you wish to give in dollars, and paypal will automatically convert it to euros according to the exchange rate and subtract euros from your account :)

  10. thank you Max , all is ok with paypal now ! coquelicot

  11. Happy to hear that, Edji. Very happy! :)