14 July 2012

Thirtyfour people made it to our first live L.A. Satsang in 2012. Twelve made it on screen, which is two more than the ten I heard was maximum.  It was a gas!



  1. I just wanted to thank Edji for yesterday's satsang, you have clear up a few doubt that i had about the i feeling within the Heart, i feel it strongly within the heart as Love and Happiness, and i rest there as long as possible a lot of the time the feeling expands to suffuse my whole body to the point where i can no longer pinpoint it, it just becomes all expansive. I also feel the world as this Love and Happiness more and more. all this with also the coming up of all sorts of dramas in my life, it is definitely not all rosy on the way, but behind all this the knowing that all is the Self/Spirit stays.
    So, thank you
    By the way can i ask you for advice?
    i Have been on this path for more than 20 years, i was very intellectual( less so now as i am letting go more and more of many concepts)when i do the i feeling "practice" sometimes i get this really tense energy in the front of the head/forehead it is quite unconfortable,and it makes me leave my practice for a while, could you maybe help on this subject.
    thank you karima

  2. It was so cool!

    Now I understand what you mean by Satsang Family... The whole way you did it plus quite a few people I know from facebook attending, it really had a 'family' feeling already :)