20 July 2012

Satsang Saturday, July 20, 2012; 6:00 PM, Pacific daylight savings time.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com.  See the instruction left on this blog for last Saturday.  

Please I urge you.  Stop running to teachers and books.  Look within, into the Void.  Buried there because it is so subtle is the I Am.  Feel the I Am, love the I Am, listen to sacred chanting, love someone deeply.

Then the self will reveal itself to you in a way of blowing "you" away in ecstasy, carried entirely beyond this mundane world.  You will fall to your knees in complete worship of yourself, your divine power as the creator of all.  Your jaw will drop in awe and your heart will be filled with bliss and the sweetest, sweeping love conceivable.  The entire world will love you back.

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  1. it's all very clear at when you distill the teachings, your states into these words, into your experience.

    i've thought about what you said last week in satsang: 'you are knowledge... all that you think you are is only knowledge'.

    we learn in applied linguistics that words are digital, inanimate signs of the reality to which they point.

    Maharaj says in 'I Am That' sadhana is the going from the words to the reality behind them. From the 'I Am' to the reality that it is.

    You have taught me, made it loud and clear, that enquiry is anything but intellectual jumping jacks of 'Who am I?', repeating and repeating.

    'Who am I?' is the name (the words, the inanimate representation) of something infinitely sweet, profound and expansive.

    It is merely the name given to the deep function of totally falling in love with the 'I Am'. I never understood Ramana before.

    You said last week to annihilate spurious thoughts with raw 'I Am' attention. this drags you ever down and down into that place where something mysterious yet so ordinary begins to shine.

    I can feel it right now reading your words; an instant push into an expansive loving awareness pulling me into the 'Heart'. shit, hahaha your words are having this effect.

    Please keep it coming.

    I'm following your instruction making inroads into love. it's sweet and i have you to thank. it's you pushing me into myself. and yet it is you?... i think, is it? and yet it's me and everything?

    how strange is that? how mysterious yet totally intimately mine yet universal in that it excludes nothing.