16 July 2012

The Video and photos below are about the fur trade in China. PETA estimates 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs are skinned alive for their fur.  Cats and dogs are not the only animals so treated.

Personally, I feel outrage.  I feel it also about animals killed for meat in the US.  But there is a world-wide movement to stop the dog and cat fur trade, as well as eating dogs in China, Korea and elsewhere.  Some call this hypocritical because not all animals get so favorable treatment by the American general public.  I call it a beginning of awakening of conscience in the U.S., why denigrate it?



  1. All is well and everything is unfolding as it should.

    Whats the difference of this to mans
    inhumanity to man in Syria & Libya for instance
    that the US has been involved in?

    Nothing is happening. All to pull you deeper into maya. It's all a cosmic joke!

  2. Anonymous, thankfully the world is not completely populated with people of your mindset.

    Could you stand in front of starving children and speak such nonsense?

    This cosmic joke as you call it, is also a play of your Self. Can you love it and care for it and act with compassion in this play?

    I would rather continue to be lost in the illusion than hold to such a cold, heartless view, no matter whose it is.

    1. And as Robert says, Come back again and again and again
      and experience the same sort of stuff over and over and
      suffer accordingly. That's your prerogative.

      But I'm getting the hell out of the burning building I don't
      really care to look at the pictures on the wall.

    2. Taking a little of what Robert said and interpreting it and quoting it is similar to people that quote the bible, finding a passage that SUITS THEM for supporting an opinion.

      Of course Robert said those things. I would suggest you go to the "We are Sentience" site and read "Consciousness is a cruel mistress" and hear from Edji more of what Robert said and how our living teacher Edji expresses it.

      Warm good wishes,

    3. Dear Anonymous,
      I tire of shallow, dualistic neo-advaita “philosophy”. It’s so easy to just call everything an illusion, except for you while you escape and leave everything behind. This solipsistic nonsense is about as profound as “unliking” someone or something on Facebook.
      Luckily there are some of us that recognize that just because we live in an illusion doesn’t mean we can’t make it the best illusion possible. That while the world arises from our mind space we can also create a better mind space.
      What would you say if someone were to skin you alive? That everything is unfolding as it should?
      Learn a little compassion, either for people or animals, or preferably both.


  3. I will be honest; NOTHING in me wanted to watch this. But I did, and felt heart-broken and outraged. I cannot comprehend this. I really can't. Then the screen shots of other animal-abuse videos appeared, and the outrage increased ten-fold. So, I decided to do something about it besides crying.


    ** Go to the link below and sign the petition to end this carnage.


    ** You can also go to the link under the video if you would like to make a donation.

    ** Email the links to your contacts, including any social media venues you frequent.

    For many years I was 100% Vegetarian. Over time, I began eating fish and occasionally some chicken. After watching this, I am going back to being a Vegetarian for the rest of my days.

    We may think something so simple as signing a petition, or changing our personal dietary habits is of little help. But everything we do affects everyone/everything on this planet!

    So, whatever small thing YOU can do to protest this kind of cruelty will serve to counter the unconscious mentality that perpetuates it.



  4. Look, anonymous, if you want to snipe at my posts and those who agree, have the courage to sign your name. When you do, I'll post them.