11 July 2012

From a dear student of two years; name withheld.

Edji, do you think that self enquiry did the trick for me?

I can tell you It was love for you that did it.

I was seldom able to read the long posts on your blog. Followed your directions for 2-3 months and then even that dropped. I would just sit or lay staring for hours. Meditations dropped, closed eyes stopped. Shortly after coming to you, mind became thick as brick, nothing went in. I read the longer posts many a times, I am still like that. Unable to read long winded writings. No need to know more no profound wisdom to unravel... 

Unless it is a direct energetic interaction, I can't get involved. Bhakti has been the essence of my practice with a sprinkling of jnan, self-enquiry etc. You will never hear me say it happened with Advaita and all that bullshit. It happened by surrendering to your presence.

If I take that out of equation, all falls away. Osho's love, then XXXX (the mad man, my consort!), you have dissolved in each. In dissolving away in love is the completion.

I really feel complete...and whatever needs too complete more will come(... I ain't doing a thing!) I am lazy as can be. I gave away my awakening to you...and told you to get on with it! ...and you did! That is how I did it! I cheated all the way. Lazy, easy and extreme fun.

I knew I had done my hard work before bumping into you. After you arrived on the scene, falling away started like mad. In bumping into you I am done, not only done, finished off, completed beautifully. You need to bump into me now ha, ha!

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