30 November 2010

Dear Master Edji,

I just wanted to let you know that I am still using your great mp3 file several times daily as a support to my discovery of the inner world.

It has really amazing results and is well adapted to the fact that I can't cross my legs to seat.

Sometime nothing surprising happens, but it always put me in a different state, more relax and definitely far from daily problems.

Of course my environment is not the best to listen to your file, because often there is quite a noise in the background from the ocean that is just 60 feet from my palm leaves hut on the beach, but now I know already a bit about what it is question of, and I can focus on going deeper inside, even when I can't hear your voice.

I have seen so many things during this last 2 weeks using your file, more than in my all previous life.

I do as you said, I don't take care of the wonderful lights, images and samadhis and effects, but concentrate on seeking my Self.

I saw and went to the Source, the sphere of intense light, like a thousand suns, as I read later in Robert's book "Silence of the Heart".

What is happening to me is unbelievable, and I ask for more of your Grace to go deeper and dissolve my ego.

I accept to become an nonpersonal body, being "just" the Absolute shinning through it.
I understand that it may take much longer to reach Freedom, but I am ready to be patient and persevering.

I recommend everyone to take a chance to progress by trusting you Master Edji.
You have brought to the world what wasn't available until now, a free guidance to the Real, and by using such a simple and easy method, that every body should be able to practice it.

Please forgive us our mistakes and keep encouraging us to join You.

Peace and Love,

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