08 November 2010

Last night Keith drove 70 miles from San Bernadino to help me feed nearly 100 cats in about 19 locations. I counted the number today.

Because there were so many locations and cats, we made two separate trips from my house, otherwise delivery would be too complex with too many plates.

I spent about 15 minutes preparing the first batch of food for the first 12 locations, and after Keith arrived everything went rather smoothly, feeding them over the next hour and three quarters. 

Driving through the last alley before returning home, gentle rain had begun to fall and not many of the feeding locations had shelter for the food. To our surprise we found a family of homeless people huddled together between plastic garbage bins. They had constructed a plastic tarp over their heads and were huddled together on in a space no larger than 3 feet by 4 feet. There were 3-4 people.

Since I had not driven this route for Marie in a long time, I was not sure where the cat feeding stations were located, so we drove around the block again so that we could pass by this family again and give them some money. We were able to scratch up $20, and on our second pass, we stopped and Keith got out, deposited a cat food plate near where they were camped, then went over and talked to them and gave them the money. They said it made their day.

Maybe because of the rain, we did not see many of the cats.  Also, daylight savings had just ended, and since the cats' personal clocks did not change, we left at an earlier clock time to do the rounds, hopefully coinciding with their internal clocks,  But the changed activity level of the Valley may have left them feeling it was too early to come out.

All in all we had a good time, and Keith is a genuinely nice guy.  Hope to see him again.


  1. Wow! Keith. You are blessing yourself.

  2. Thank you for helping Keith!

    Love and huge Nova Scotia hugs,



  3. Dearest Keith,

    You made my day too. Thank you. You are a generous soul.

    Much love,

  4. Love demonstrated.

    Keith, the world feels a little brighter as a result of reading this post. Gratitude and respect to you and Edji.

    Jean (whoasks)

  5. A sense of relief after reading this post. Thanks Keith, you have put yourself in the cooking pot!!

  6. Please Pray for Strength for the Saints we have in Keith and Edji.


    Thank you Keith.

    I feel comforted in here just now learning that you were able to assist, served in serving cats, humans, us, yourself through Edji.

    Pranams Edji,


    (did Ed let you take a smoke break? the union prevalent in Cali; there's probably claws that cover that.)



  8. It was truly an honor to give back a little to someone who has given us all so much. You were all part of!
    Ed quickly introduced all of his cats to me and his wonderful wife. She is nothing short of sainthood in my opinion.

    Ed truly loves not only his cats but also the cats around him, its something he loves to do not something he wants to outsource. Any takers!

    Yes Ruby right where I want to be!

    Thank you EDJI!