08 November 2010

Last Thursday's Satsang is now on line.  I like it a lot, especially the special effects before and after that boring blond grey-haired guy talks.


  1. Hello All,

    Boy, is that blond guy with the beard ever boring! ;-)

    If you'd like to be bored even more, the mp3 file is up on the Satsang website now (along with the video) so you can put it on your iPod or mp3 player and be even more bored!

    The transcript will be coming soon as well so that will really put you all over the top!

    Great love and blessings for all,



  2. AH !!!!

    My deepest Pranams to Gurudev Shri Edji -- My Jnana Maharaj

  3. Wonderful :)

    What program do I need to take part at the next satsang ?

    Best wishes,

  4. Dearest beloved Edji
    Boring us out of mind! Is this your new trick? Tell you what its working! can't wait for next one. A massive thanks to the team working behind scenes
    Love and gratitude

  5. Dear Edji,

    What I really value in this Satsang is how you stay close to the personal. You speak of your own experiences and I can relate to you. In my case this is essential as I do not get heady and intellectual but rather stay with my heart which deeply longs for the happiness you talk about.

    I also love the special effects before and after the talk. Jo-Ann has such a gift to deliver professional quality. Thank you, my friend.

    Much gratitude and love,

  6. This has to be hands down one of the best if not THEE BEST presentations ever on the subject of everything anyone wanted to know about Jhana Marga.


  7. Thank you Jo-Ann for the Mp3 of satsang, and to Janet, Chris, Tina, and the others who helped bring us closer to Edji, Robert, Nisargadatta, and Ramana.

  8. Dear Lars and everyone interested in the attending the Satsangs with Edji,

    In order to attend a Satsang, you first need to be trained in the WebEx video conferencing program. Please check the Satsang website (direct link on Edji’s blog or see the address below) for details and instructions for your computer type (PC or Mac). There is also a direct link to the WebEx Calendar showing all scheduled training sessions (every Wednesday), or you can go directly to the Satsang WebEx Calendar at: http://satsang.webex.com.

    At this time, we have far more people wanting to attend the online Satsangs than we currently have 'seats' for, but please get the WebEx training in order to be ready if space becomes available.

    Also, please register for the Satsang when it is posted on the Satsang WebEx Calendar even though you may not be able to get a ‘seat’ for that Satsang. This will enable us to contact you if we have a last minute cancellation, and it will also enable us to determine the interest level in the Satsangs to help us make plans going forward.

    NOTE: Please do not register if you are not able to make that particular Satsang as we will assume everyone who has registered, does want a seat that week.

    We will post all the information we have on the Satsang website, but if you have any questions not answered there, you can email us at: satsang@eastlink.ca

    Great love and blessings to all,



  9. The file downloaded smoothly. I am happy to be able to recline ('stoned') with this teaching anytime now.

    Jo-Ann, Thank you (and 'the shootist') for your devotion in serving Edji and the Sangha through your care full attention and due diligence.

    Pranams Edji,


  10. I bow in gratitude to everyone who have worked to make this available. Thank you.



  11. LOL. There are products that can fix that, you know.

  12. Dear sir Edji,
    Thank you! Thank You!! Thank you!!! and Thank you!! to all who have worked to made this video available.

  13. I'm loving it. Waiting to join the satsang soon. Thanks a ton for Jo-Ann and team for making this available for all of us. Namaskaras to our Sadgurus Edji and Rajivji..


  14. Namaskar Edji,
    May this Mona become a sincere and humble seeker, surrendering with ease and grace to Guru and teachings/pathway.
    Gratitude for these satsungs and even more thanks for the subsequent post.