07 November 2010

I am very happy that so many responded to my stated need to feed more cats than I can handle. Fortunately two people in the area offered to drive me around to make the stops. Even more fortunately, Marie's brother was talked into helping her make 11 of her 15 stops and I only had to do 4 more than normal.

I do want to say something about all the generous donations I have received for my working with cats.

I don't want to make this path as expensive for you as if you had been with one of the charlatan neo-advaita people. It is great that your heart has opened to help the cats--really great. But I don't want to be a burden on you, nor do I want you to burn out by giving too much. The same people give over and over, and I don't want them to burn out.

Though this blog gets about 400-500 hits a day on average, I have no idea how many regulars there are. I know how many signed up for Satsang, but my intuition is that we are far too small a group at this point even to have an ashram, let alone support me and my cat habits. There are only 8 people in the whole LA area from Anaheim, to Pomona, to Northridge and Malibu that follow this blog--far to few even to have an LA Satsang let alone an ashram. We need to grow first. So relax, let Consciousness decide what is going to happen.

Some have suggested I hire someone to take care of the cats. To me, this is the most "holy" part of my day. I have not missed a day in the last seven years, even when very ill. This is my offering, and not something I would want an employee to do. Humane and religious service organizations should not have too many employees, because this is a work from the heart and money screws things up. If anything, if I could find someone in the LA area that knows how to write and edit reports that I could sub out, now that would be a help, but such people are rare.

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