23 November 2010

Infinity Institute through their attorney, demanded I remove the Collected Works of Robert Adams and all transcripts from the website: http://itisnotreal.com. They made many incredible allegations, which I rebutted. Click on the various links to Robert's info, and it will display excerpts of the letter sent to me as well as my rebuttal. They even wanted me to remove my personal photos of Robert and my wife taken at Satsang, and of Robert and I taken at satsang, alleging the photos were Nicole Adam's personal property.

This is an amazing allegation, as the letter simultaneousl claimed we were complete strangers and had never met. Therefore, how could I have gotten her private photos of Robert with my wife and I, as well as other photos sent to me by Robert's former students?

Lastly, the letter claimed I made an illegal recording of a conversation with Nicole Adams, when, in fact, Nicole called me and voluntarily left me a recorded message on my answering machine. That is, she knew her message was recorded. In that message she told me that a bio I wrote about Robert was "utterly amazing," and that I should publish it. The attorney alleges this was an invasion of privacy.

Infinity/Nicole is merely trying to protect their brand, "Robert Adams," and I understand that. But the allegations of harassment, invasion of privacy, etc., are out of bounds. 

However, for peace of mind, I took down most of what they wanted. No longer are free downloads of all of Robert's transcripts or talks available. Too bad, Robert was such a giant and Nicole/Infinity/Blake Warner have shrunk him to one very tiny website.


  1. Here's Infinity contact info:

    Name:Infinity Institute
    Infinity Institute
    Street1:2370 West Highway 89A, Box 11-182
    City:Sedona State/Province:AZ
    Postal Code:86336


  2. Don't know why, but feels so sorry. Anything we can do?

  3. Can't believe it !
    But what kind of world is it ?
    Precisely this morning again , I have read some pieces of the Collected Work I'v downloaded ( fortunately ), and I was amazed by the way all this teaching is given to all of us , as a gift .
    Robert sometimes talk of the "Dark age" !
    It is not necessarily in the past !
    Anyway , thank you Ed to make me discovered Robert's Teaching .
    Peace .

  4. initially what brought me to your site was your unending devotion to robert adams and your great willingness to expound the greatness of robert adams and his teachings. this has to be deeply admired and for which our sincerest gratitude would not be enough. however, i am now somewhat surprised despite previous unsuccessful attempts by infinity to pull similar moves that you have bowed down this time to infinity and removed the teachings of robert adams. had it not been for the works of roberts adams would this blog have survived and flourished? who knows? but more importantly countless future sentient beings/seekers will be deprived from reading/listening to the uncompromising truth and beauty of robert adams. and that is a shame. continue the battle edji we are with you

  5. Why not write a letter to the address given here@above post) letting them know how you feel about not having free access to your spirituality or whatever you may be feeling. It's why I gave the contact info.
    Take care

  6. This is beyond sad....it is utterly devoid of common sense and totally without merit. Nicole must be a very unhappy person to involve herself in such baseless harassment.

    I'm not a lawyer, but as I understand copyright law, each time you give in to her demands, regardless of how ridiculous and baseless they are, strengthens her legal stance should this ever go to litigation.

    Are there no lawyers who read this blog who can help with a proper smack down of this B.S.? Robert's Teachings deserve better than to be shut down by an unhappy, deluded, self-aggrandizing woman.

  7. 'Too bad, Robert was such a giant and Nicole/Infinity/Blake Warner have shrunk him to one very tiny website.'
    How true, and how sad. But just in a way. The teaching lives through you, dearest Edji, and we can all see that, and nothing can touch that. They can only touch a name. Robert was not a name. The name is gone, and never was anyway; the teaching lives and will never end.


  8. Might Infinity shenanigans be Robert's gift for allowing Ed's unique teaching style to flower?

    If remembering correctly it seems you may have said Robert knew before going to Sedona how that would play. Perhaps it is so with Edji.


    Popped up and didn't edit.

    Thank you for very much for looking after and putting up with me Edji...



  9. Really, they achieved absolutely nothing at all.

    Someday far away, when Edji is long gone and buried, one of us will be moved to lovingly post all of his teachings and keep this site going, making the teachings available to all- for free.

    It is the the same as Krshna's teaching, Ramana's teaching, Robert's teaching, Edji's teaching...

    The truth is the truth, and NO ONE can deny nor stop it, nor take it off a website.

    Those were only words, pointers, anyways. No more pointing...let go and be free!

    I love you Eddie, rock on baby! More cat videos please!


  10. Too late! Too many people have his collective works and he has touched too many of us already. 'Damage' has been done! Doubt if it will stop now...


  11. People instead of saying so sad etc write to Infinity you can even write a real letter that will have much more effect. I gave you everything you need. The truth is if you want them to change their habits just a bit and for Edji Blog and website you need to be heard. Don't cry about this and do nothing.
    Now the letter should be nice you need to appeal on their generous spiritual side. If enough folks write them they might just allow a exception in this case. If you do nothing then nothing will happen and you will carry this thought of Infinity for a long time.

    I have both wrote them with normal mail and e-mail. The more the better and remember be nice but also plead your case such as one of the posters wrote if not coming across Robert's Adams teaching in Edji's site I would have never known this.

    Peace also

  12. There are stories of individuals throughout history who had found truth and then been martyred for their “heretical” views. There are others who have been misunderstood by their followers, both in their teaching and in their message to spread the teaching. They have had organized authoritative religions built around their words after their death, with the invariable result that the actual teaching itself became all but lost. I believe these three “worldly” maxims to be immutable:

    Life will find a way.
    Love will find a way.
    Truth will find a way.

    I take comfort in the fact that Edji and his message and method cannot be trademarked and marketed by misguided or materialistic fools.

    Love, peace and blessings,

  13. I'm not sad !

    In fact there is so much joy.

    Right here and right now, Edji and Rajivji are a Blessing.


  14. This is by Roberts grace we can see how EGO operates and how it triggers our own EGO to operate, though the purpose of that institute is clearly not what it appears to be at first hand, still we can see something is cooking us through such "confronting" situations.
    This situation teaches me meekness and humbleness.

  15. It is unfortunate this has happened. It is totally unreasonable!
    Nevertheless, Robert was correct when he said his teachings will be well known throughout the 4 corners of this world. And this master Ed, you have made this very possible.
    Furthermore, with His teachings, many have found peace and some have gone beyond existence. His teachings and spirit forever lives on and will spread even further.

  16. Hmm I already know how the ego works.
    I always have had a strong belief that anything truly spiritual should not be copyrighted but free for all.

    It's a real shame as it discredits Robert's teachings in a way when you need to pay. Most real teachers always have satsang transcripts free for anyone. Now books, DVD etc are a different manner as they were made to sell but I am sure Robert never thought when he was giving satsangs that his words could and will be for sale.


  17. Well, I certainly wrote an email weeks ago expressing my displeasure with what Nicole and her "Institute" were doing but only got back some evasive response. I say "evasive" because it didn't really address my issue at all instead being some kind of nonsensical "spiritual" reply. If Nicole(or somebody representing her) had included her pic with it, it would have shown a contrived compassionate kind of expression with it. The whole thing is truly pathetic but maybe she's in a state of dementia and doesn't even know what she's doing and the consequences it has(the other possibility being she really doesn't have dementia but is just being spiteful because she won't let go of the selfish belief that Robert and/or his teachings only belongs to her).


  18. Mark,
    I don't think that's the problem. It's clear that she doesn't care who has Robert's teachings as long as they pay. When I had my business I had a 1 Millon dollar judgment against me for copyright infringement.
    It was a bogus claim but the judgment held.
    To be honest she is most likely upset that she was not contacted before using Robert's material. Now her lawyer is taking a very broad brush and is going after anyone they can. There is always some middle ground somewhere.
    I feel if the part of not asking or giving her credit can be overcome then all will work out fine.
    take care

  19. All is well and everything is unfolding as it should!

    Lets just watch and see what unfolds in all of this.

    Love to all


  20. Martin...........

    But unless I'm mistaken(entirely possible as I'm not a lawyer)for a "copyright infringement" to have occurred, then Robert's works would have had to have been copywrited AT THE TIME his recordings, writings or whatever were made and NOT subsequent to that, yes? So she's making these spurious claims that have no real legal basis and going through an attorney is only this vile attempt to give her claim some legal "teeth" from what I can see.


  21. A flash like a lightening bolt can come in the form of transmission via words of the Master.

    If I hadn't stumbled upon Edji's site, and listened to the audio of "A good for nothing man" I don't think things would've turned out the way they did. The sound of Robert's voice pulled me out of personal crisis, of great pain and confusion. Something clicked inside and things have never been the same after.

    The thought of the site being gutted brings a sense of loss. What about the others? What about the next guy or girl who needs to hear these teachings, read the transcripts and see the photos?

    I wasn't able to get all the transcripts. Would anyone be so kind?


  22. I would like to give thanks today to Edji and his entire lineage as well as to all fellow students. I would also like to state that I agree with Edji's reluctant compliance to remove some of the "offending" material. The cease and desist could be proven baseless or worse by a judge, but who of us would want the time, energy and financial commitment to go that far? Who would want to become further entrenched in a battle with somebody like that? The personal overtones are overwhelming. You can never "win" a battle with somebody like that - only make occasional footholds. There will always be another skirmish on the horizon. In fact, even with compliance in an attempt to put things to rest once and for all, I sincerely believe she will see this as a ground-gaining advancement and not a settlement. She will pick another battle another day. Edji has enough to keep him "grounded" with his animal work and his students. His commitment and activity level to help suffering animals and people is amazing for a man his age and is a testament to his lack of any personal agenda. Why cater to her personal agenda? It's the battle she wants - even more than brand protection.

    Nobody can question your love and respect for the venerable Robert Adams as your teacher and friend Edji, so for the "peace of mind", so to speak, you've earned and deserve, I stand behind you on this and think it wise. There are better, more productive uses for your time and energy at this stage of your life.

    ps. Hope I didn't offend you with my references to your age Edji, but your are no spring chicken by your own admittance!

    Love, peace & blessings,

  23. Thank you, that was beautifully said Tony!

    Let's all remember that this is a world of duality, and while Infinity may 'appear' to win, we all know that Robert's teaching... and Edji's... will go on long after the Infinity organization has turned to dust.

    No mere 'human' or 'human organization' will ever block the teachings of such a Master as Robert. His teaching will just go underground to surface even stronger another day, in another way, as there are far too many of us that have his talks and transcripts and that will willingly share them with others.

    Great love and blessings to you all,


  24. Tony and Jo-Ann, Thank you. You both stated - so beautifully - my own experience.

    Truth always welcomes the willing observer and cannot be tainted. Edji continues to demonstrate the integrity and genuine wisdom of a true Master. His responses to pettiness and legal threats are clearly perfect examples of what it means to live in "the world," yet not be of it.

    While I needed no further conviction, the shallow accusations of Infinity only serve to underline that Ed Muzika - like his Teacher, Robert Adams - is truly "the real deal." Ed, who deserves all the honor of being addressed as "Edji," has responded from a place of awareness that comes from abiding in the true Heart.

    It is my experience that, like Robert, Edji rests in the truth and remains untouchable by worldly annoyances. He dwells within the Silence. . . a "place" without name or location. Even throughout this recent round of fire from the legal beagles, Edji's compassion for ALL sentient beings is evident.

    Robert Adams led me to Edji. I am deeply grateful and beloved beyond further expression.

    Pranams to my dear Teachers,