14 November 2010


I feel a burning love for you. I think you know I am not referring to a person.

The Highest Teaching, as Jo-Ann is used to say, the Supreme Teaching is all in these your apparently poor words: “Now I do not experience anything as oneness, voidness, spaceness, individuality, etc. All adjectives have disappeared. There is just a procession of experiences.”

Not too much schools have gotten this Ultimate Trough! And the teaching of the few which have reached it is not so easy to be seen through.

I read from Atma-Darshan by Atmananda (Krishna Menon):

(I) He whose mind is captivated by the beauty of a figure sculptured in a piece of rock, forgets even the fact of the rock being its background.
(II) When he rises above this captivation and looks at the figure, he sees the background, rock, which supports the figure.
(III) When the rock thus receives attention, rock is seen also in the figure, and later on the figure is seen as nothing other than rock.
(IV) Enlightenment of truth also comes in this manner. Consciousness becomes dimmed chiefly through one’s captivation and abiding interest in external objects.
(V) When one outgrows this interest and looks at the objects it will be found that they rise and abide in Consciousness alone.
(VI) When Consciousness thus begins to receive due attention, it becomes revealed in the objects as well, and they themselves will in due course become transformed into Consciousness.
(VII) It is the realisation of oneself and the entire world as one Consciousness that is known as realisation of Truth.
What rock? Which Consciousness? They themselves are objects added to ME!!! I am not rock at all!!!

They have not Turiyattita o Turiyatta! They have stopped in Turiya! They think to be the Universal Consciousness… ;-) What a release, what a sense of freedom, I AM NEVER THAT!!!

You know I come from a nightmare. In the past when I read “It is not real”, I interpreted it as “It is not so hell as it seems.” Now I realize that “It is not real” means NO REALITY  is there! NO EARTH! NO UMANITY! NO BODIES! NO LIFE! NO DEATH! NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I am not saying I am completely free. I feel still some anxiety for life. There is still a sort of sense of I/individual-existence I don’t know what it is still doing there.



  1. S I have been hunting all over the net for that book(Atma-Darshan) so I can download it
    I will give you one of my emails also.
    Dear Edji I pray you let this post go through

    thanks to both of you

  2. Thank you very much Edji

  3. Hello S,
    You sounds like a very sincere person (so to speak). It's a joy reading your contribution.
    Many thanks,

  4. Thank you very much