15 November 2010

Thank you Master Edji, I am so happy you answered me, and so fast.
You are right and I will follow, I am already following, your advices.
I dropped the many books I bought, and stopped reading so much, to PRACTICE.
I have never seen so much effects after so little practice with your method !!!
Also I couldn't find a method that would grab me and keep me practicing.
Yours is the first one, and is so simple !!
I just listen to your "guided meditation" and ... the magic happens !
I started your method 3 days ago, I have no formal training in meditation nor any other practice, just a little "Who am I ?" since 2 months.
Yesterday at night, before sleep, I listened to your audio file 4 times in a row, while recycling on the floor. I saw the emptyness, and then I looked for the observer, and couldn't find one, and became kind of dissolved in the luminous emptiness :))
It was fantastic, and I wasn't feeling bored after the 4 sessions, like I am after 20 minutes of self-inquiry.
I would have continued if it was not so late at night already ...
Then this morning I made another session of listening to your audio file, then get some work done on my laptop, then headed to the restaurant for my breakfast (I live in hotels, I am actually in India, Pondicherry).

The waiter told me that it would take 20 minutes to get my meal. I decided to try your method, loking for the emptyness inside the body, without the audio file.
Within 2 minutes I was freezed, my eyes straight on a point on the wall.

Saying to myself "this is empty, forms are empty, there is no things, I feel my body is empty", I got the best feeling ever.
I didn't care people looking at me, what they could think about my fix attitude. For the first time I was confortable in "meditation" in a public place.
I would say that it wasn't kundalini experience or the like, where I would feel like a crazed man with everybody looking at me.
It was stable, realistic, DEEP, not fancy, and I stood in the exact same position, not even blinking the eyes, without doing any effort, till the waiter brought the tea, long minutes I think, but I had no feeling of time.

The most impressive experience so far. I was all, no thing existing anymore, no feeling, no need to move, no thoughts ....

Then the waiter brought the tea cup, and I said ok, now come back to "normality". I thought it would be instantly done, but I found that I had to make some effort, and kind of cross several layers of luminous matter before coming back out, in the "normal" world.
Then I started again when the waiter was gone, and all around became like milky blurred, cloudy, but I couldn't continue and stopped to start eating.

My body was feeling all shaky, and I had to concentrate strongly to what I was doing to be able to bring the cup to my mouth and drink.

All these movements were like alien to me, like I had to re-learn everything, even how to drink and eat with a fork !!
Now I am at the computer shop, and I am writing you this email. I am still shaking, vibrating.
I don't want to be too enthousiastic, and tell myself that it will be a long journey and that I must go slowly ...
What an amazing result in just 3 days for a beginner !
What can I do to please you and show you my gratefulness ?
Being europeen (french) I am not used to call anyone Master or to express my respect with beautiful words as for example Rajiv did, but for sure you made my day !!!
Thanks Master Edji !


 David, I am very happey you got this result.

Usually beginners have extraordinary results.

We'll see what happens next, won't we? Keep me informed.


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  1. David,
    Thank you for writing to Edji. You have described observances so difficult to define.I enjoyed reading about your findings.

    I appreciate that you've shared this beautiful report.

    Many thanks,