13 November 2010

Well its done!!!

Marie got a new car, and after 7 straight days of feeding nearly 100 cats a night, I am off the hook for Marie's portion!

Thank you so much to Keith, Andrea and Cary for helping me drive several nights through the various parking lots and alleys of Northridge. Now just back to my eight colonies. We are still trying to find a place for Jimmy to stay. We plan on hiring Jimmy to feed cats throughout the City after we find him a place to stay. Everything we've tried so far has fallen through, or Jimmy doesn't want to go along with it.

And thank all you generous people who have so lavishly donated money to the causes I am working for. Many more animals are or will be getting more vet care because of it. 


  1. i love cats. I am also into spirituality but cats come first. If i had to pick between being free in reality or helping my neighborhood strays.. that would be tuff. After all suffering the illusion is nothing compared to an empty belly and wet fur.

  2. @Anon.

    So True. The correct balance between rightful action and self-inquiry practice is best.

    Much Love to Andrea, Keith and Cary.