19 November 2010

Wow! Our second international Satsang is now posted at wearesentience.org.

It is fantastic except for the fat guy talking. Great graphics and flute music intro. The visuals are stunning.

Great work Jo-Ann and all others who have contributed to making Satsang happen.


  1. Dear Sir Edji,
    Don't have words to express my gratitude. Thanks a billion for sharing this with us!!

  2. yeah, you're right this sitting guy is soooo boring... what's his name again? :D )))

    your monk stories esp. the interview made my day! It shows that a couple of things in the monastic world of orders (even of the east) are sometimes just as i somehow thought, lol...

    "where have you been?" "Oh, I've been around.." loved that one!

    Many thanks to you Ed and your miracleworkers Jo Ann & co for making this happen.


  3. Hi Edji,

    Someone asked me last night"What is this oneness you always speak of? What teachers do you recommend"

    Would appreciate any feedback
    Thank you

    I replied to him with this.

    "In the form of Ramana Maharshi Oneness sat in samadhi for many years and then spent another fifty years teaching on the mountain of Arunachula. In the form of the Buddha Oneness searched for six years, discovered Itself, and then wandered around India teaching for forty years. Oneness in the form of you reading these words is sitting at a computer terminal thinking about "what is he saying and teachers" who taught about the truth while overlooking the truth that is sitting at a computer terminal this moment. Put your attention on the oneness that is reading these words and stay with it. If the body gets up and goes to the bathroom, keep attention focused on what is happening. Oneness has gotten up from the computer and is now going to the bathroom. Whatever you see happening is what oneness is doing. There is no need to look any further than what is here and now. Who you are is Oneness doing whatever it is that you're doing. The mystery is always present. Trust yourself 100% because YOU are the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through YOU. YOU and the your Father are One. Stop and be still. There is no need to look anywhere else! Forget the imaginary past and the imaginary future. Whatever you are doing now is what YOU are doing. This is how Oneness manifests.

  4. Don't quite understand what you said in Hunting the I. You recommend Michael Langford's method in one paragraph and then say it not very helpful in the next. Can you be more clear about the instruction? If I find Michael Langford's method clear to me, then I should stick to his method, correct? Is this what you meant?


  5. Read closely why I say I like it yet warn against it. Read it more closely. There are pros and cons about every method.

  6. Lovely satsang message..


  7. Thank you Edji! Your transmission is strong indeed. Was in bliss the whole day afterwards and now it's coming back writing those words to you, hard to write. Happy that my work mates are understanding they just ask if I'm in yoga trance now again ha ha. It has been coming on stronger and stronger since I started to receive your grace and it wouldn't be possible to hide.

    Although I haven't really doubted that my practice is moving forward I took great comfort in your words " your doing fine". Will keep them close to my heart and continue to dive within.

    Deepest pranams

  8. Last night my wife and I were in Columbus, Ohio watching professional dancers in an International Open Standard competition (this is the ballroom dancing that is performed by guys wearing Fred Astaire-like tuxedo tailsuits and gals wearing gorgeous stoned gowns with lacelike streamers connecting their shoulders to their wrists.) I was watching the top-ranked couple gliding around the floor, and I was overcome with emotion at the strangeness, wonder, beauty, aliveness, and sheer unimaginabilty of the truth. Living creatures wearing spectacular coverings were weaving intricate stylized patterns to a soaring musical score in a massive steel and glass arena being witnessed by thousands of other creatures sitting on a rock ball hurtling around a nuclear furnace in vast emptiness. Today, on the long drive home, a flock of birds wheeling overhead, vehicles on the highway, a lone tree in an empty field, and a hundred other common sights evoked the same emotion. Driving in silence, mile after mile, staring at the wonder, eyes were brimming and heart was overflowing. What this is, and the witnessing of it, and the amazingness of it, and the depth of it, and the wholeness of it, and the love that permeates it, cannot be imagined or spoken.

    Martin(words of a friend)

  9. http://www.strippingthegurus.com/stgsamplechapters/zen.asp

  10. Edji,

    You realize that the link you put on here stripping the gurus is spearheaded by born-again Christians who are very fundamental. Not sure why you even allowed it. I suggest you do a little research of David Lane and the rest of these it's my way or the highway.
    take care