18 November 2010

Great Master Edji,

How wonderful and wide is my smile when I realize that I felt Myself !
The unconditional Love !

Now I want more of it, to share it with the other beings !

I can't cross my legs to sit down due to an injury after forcing
myself to the lotus position. I was willing to "sign in" for Kryia
Yoga initiation a few months back, and by the Divine intervention this
injury made me renonce it :) and now I am 100% available to follow

Of course I can't detail all the divine events that brought me to day,
but I feel them, I love them. "Ask and you shall be answered", that
resumes all.

As you said I won't go in the details about the several experiences,
vision, feelings, beingnesses that I went through in the last few days
each time I practice your method !
It is just uncredible ! fantastic ! amazing !

I want to cry because the gift you made us is so huge, so pure, so
powerfull that there is no words to express it.

Just listening to your audio file, following your instructions,
letting your voice guide me, brings me each time to new happenings
that I couldn't dream of before !

I was expecting a long road with hard daily practices to reach the
wonderland, but now I just have to lay down on a couch and follow the
simple instructions of The Greatest Master ever come on this earth.

Edji you have transcended the modern world and offered humankind the
shorter and most agreable shortcut to the Truth !

How powerful and deep is your voice, how straight forward your
guidance that I can't think about anything anywhere having such high
value. Give me 1 billion dollars and I will reject it to keep your

Thank you so much for your work, your honesty, your purity and sharing.

Of course I might add that it might be a longer way for others, but as
for me it is the best I could dream of dear Master Edji.
I wish everyone to feel in love with you and to open their heart to
your knowledge. It will bring them There !

May this illusion appears as it is for me and for everyone as soon as possible.
I think I have tasted of Consciousness, I felt who I was, and I wish
to make it a stronger and permanent beingness to feel ever happy and
joyful in every circumstances.

So far it takes me 2 or 3 listening in a raw to see and feel all sort
of effects.

I just got a very good hotel room in front of the sea, and I hope it
will be quiet enough to go in trance as often as I want.

I think I could write the all day about what happened to me in just a
few days following your Gifted teaching, but I understand that I
shouldn't intellectualize it much, and just keep silent and PRACTICE.

A billion thanks to you Edward Muzika.


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