01 December 2010

Jimmy, the homeless cat feeder, will be back in business in a few days. I gave him my bicycle--almost brand new--and he'll start feeding Saturday evening. Unfortunately, we don't know yet how many cats need to be fed, because he has been away so long, we are not sure how many are left at the feeding stations I did not take over. Thanks to a new donor, myself and Jason Ahmed, another friend of Jimmy's, he'll receive some pay to take care of the cats. Once he gets going and I can trust he is reliable, that will cut in half the number of cats I need to take care of at night.  More later.

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  1. I am hearing impaired and am not able to follow the videos nor participate in the satsangs. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to whoever transcribed this and posted it. I will keep coming back!
    Thank you,