17 December 2010

Often new age spiritual people confuse spirituality with optimal health and emphasize the body way too much.
You are not your bodies. You are even beyond this entire universe. Your body is only an experienced object.  If you pay too much attention to the health and needs of your body, you WILL MISS ENLIGHTENMENT ALTOGETHER.
This is gthe primary illusion--the identification with the body as ME, or I. Once that goes, awakening is easy. 
But every time you worry about the correct foods to eat, correct energy balances, correct exercises, etc., to make yourself more healthy, you delay awakening a little because you strengthen the identification with that tiny little body instead of the totality of consciousness.
Don't identify with the body. Pay it minimum attention. Forget about all the vitamins you should take and all that unless there is a real medical need.

The body is nothing. It has nothing to do with you--trust me. Leave it alone.


  1. Hi Ed.
    Really , you have a unique and direct way to tell us some basic truth .
    A bit funny on top of that ;)
    I love the "Once that goes, awakening is easy" .
    Thanx for that good vibration , so simple .

  2. Dear Master Edji,
    Too true sir!. Nisargadtta Maharaj always always reminds this fact in his teaching and he repeatedly says that it is the main reason why seekers don't understand his teachings.
    Sir, I am feeling immense happiness after last Satsang and practice is becoming easier now. I bow to your feet Master!! Don't have words to say Thank you!! Pranyams!!