13 December 2010

Ramana Video emphasizes self-inquiry and a love and compassion towards animals. The exact topic of our last Satsang. The awakened heart is passed from generation to generation.


Please, this is VERY important. Notice the state of Ramana's body during his last three years. Some sort of palsy, severe arthritis so he could hardly walk, and then cancer.

But he was not concerned. He said not to concern yourself with the body so much. Don't worry if at age 70 it begins to fall apart. So what? You are not the body, but something, much, much more.

Enlightened beings have no more control over their health than anyone else. There are no magic powers, or inner light, or anything else. The body is just a piece of sentient meat, and you have little to nothing to do with that.


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse into Ramana's life and teaching, Edji.

    Here is a continuation of the video:


    It slightly overlaps, but goes on to explain more about self-inquiry, and the last moments of his life.

  2. Lovely video..brings tears howmanyever times we watch..

    Pranaams Edji..


  3. Big video to stream or download here: http://buddhisttorrents.blogspot.com/2008/10/ramana-maharshi-sage-of-arunachala.html

  4. Beautiful! Such deep love and peace! Thank you Edji.

  5. Dang. What did he do for the cow on its last day??? Very inopportune moment to cut out!!!

    Thanks for posting ed... If I had watched this a few days ago, I wouldnt have been clueless when you posted the Mountain Webcam...

    Anyway, be nice to cows everyone!