04 December 2010

We are ALL Sentience

Our Newest addition from the streets of LA.

We are both Void and presence--beingness or sentience.

And all sentience loves itself in its many forms 
against a background of Nothing.


  1. Edji,

    I bow to your grace and extend the warmest of joyful "WELCOME" to this precious little "Mini-Me."

    much love,

  2. So beautiful :)...It leaves a smile on your face all day.

    Here is a cute link too of a kitty hugging a dog toy




  3. Dear Edji,

    Amazing... I keep getting drawn back to your site to look at the pictures of the 'wee one' and finally figured out it was its total presence... and yours... that kept drawing me back just to sit with you both without 'thinking'.

    So beautiful and so relaxing!

    Thank You!


  4. Oh, kittens are just the cutest! And this one is so lucky - backing in the Presence. And he loves Edji's beard - what more to ask.

    Much love,

  5. Edji,

    I love the third photo the most ! You have a both child like innocence and 'mischief-look'.


  6. He was biting my lip and pulling by chin hairs in that second photo. By the third, he just settled in to licking my beard.

    I can'r believe how tame and loving he is just coming from a feral cat colony near where my wife works. This was taken less than 24 hours after being brought home.

  7. Dear Ed,
    I understand the many reasons why you might be inclined to prefer felines over humans. They are loving, loyal, cute, will never pretend anything, etc....
    However, for some reason or other you have agreed to make people your business and since the business here is that of deepest soul surgery possible, in the wake to that type of work, one is bound to set free all the demons that reside in the human nature and therefore, you have signed up to have an occasional betrayal to come your way.
    The miracle might be that you have not had more happen to you. Betrayals are part of the job definition, they simply come with the territory. It hurts most in situations where you have opened and given your heart and the stabs that come back are truly truly a surprise and a shock.

    I really don't know how to say any soothing words here, I wish I could, but the best thing to do is perhaps to really keep your focus on those beings, four or two legged, who really love and appreciate you, no matter what their number. Even if that is just a small number, you may make a Universe of Difference for those few and in the end, if you had your heart and hand involved in their process of transformation and their alleviation of suffering, The Universe Thanks You. I thank you. The Universe ... will remember and honor you.
    Andreas Mamet

  8. Dear Andreas,

    Silence appears in words uninvited ! Welcome Silence !

    Your words of support for Edji is well appreciated.


  9. Silence of the Heart (Acropolis) second hand book on Amazon for $117,-! Yes, Robert should have laugh about this and so am I. You now why? Because we have a living Teacher, Guru now ourselfs in the name of Edji. Sometimes it seems to be a tuff and coocking journey but every step, padam, padam, is a goal in itself. Thank you Edji for your blessings to all of us.