13 December 2010

This will make you laugh.

Infinity is now stealing the articles I wrote about Robert Adams and posting them on their site without the editor's mention of me writing the introduction, or my introduction. Is this copyright infringement? I'll soon find out.

My posting of the Inner Directions Journal, Fall, 1995 article which has been posted on the itisnotreal.com website for years. I think they are growing bold because I took some items down.

Infinity's recent appropriation and now posted on their site without the editor's or my introduction:

These people certainly are creepy.


  1. I can't hardly read their strange language, a strange new age christian bla bla. The Language of Infinity.

    They are deluded by their own minds and greed, I fear.

    I know you wrote yourself that Robert was very poor. Now that they have discovered that (thanks to you) Robert name goes around the world, they want their share. That I can understand. How they do it not.

    It's duality in action.

    The Netherlands

  2. You are absolutely correct, Edji, they were emboldened by your taking down of some articles.

    They saw this as a Neville Chamberlain gesture. Their claims are completely without merit legally, and IMHO as a former practicing attorney, should be met with a very nice communication that says just that, to stop harassing you, and if they do think they have a cause of action, they know where the courthouse is.

    In the illusion, the illusory scorpion must be hit with the illusory shoe!

    Michael P
    Las Vegas

  3. Amazing bollocks on these people!

    [sidenote on creepiness]
    I found robert thru your site and your writings. There was so much information on yr site it took a long time to google his name and looks for other info. When I did, I found Infinity and was really shocked at the weird presentation.

    Aesthetically, Infinity's 'packaging' raises a big red flag with me. I would have never have read a single word if that site had been my introduction.

    ...I made a project last year of printing out "Collected works I & II" and doing a home binding job on it. Pretty unadorned and utilitarian looking thing. Then I bought a copy of "silence of the heart" from them, and like the website, the packaging on Robert is so alien / christian to me that I literally havent read any of it. It gives me bad buggums.