19 December 2010

You need to understand this very clearly: 

You are not your body! Leave it alone! Don't pay too much attention to it!

That is principle number one. 

Principle number two is that you are both everything, and nothing.

You are everything in the sense that you are the totality of YOUR consciousness; you are the totality of everything within your awareness.

And then you are also nothing in the sense that that totality of consciousness itself is merely a projection of mind, which itself has no substantial existence. The essential you is that which is beyond time, space, phenomena and the world, which is yourself, which is nothing at all, No Thing, no existence in this universe of experience.

Practice this as an exercise:

When you first awaken in the morning, totally relaxed, explore your awareness inside and out. Look inside your body. What do you see? Feel your body. What do you feel? Then listen. What do you hear? Do you hear birds outside? Do you hear a clock ticking? Do you hear a fan or central heating system? Do you hear your breathing?

Now feel yourself again. Do you feel the bed? Do you feel alive? Do you feel energies? Do you see your mind?

On the level of existence, all this is you. You are the entirety of the world that you perceive through hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting touch. All this is you. The body may be at the center, but be very aware that your awareness is much larger than your body. In fact, if you are probably more aware of that which is happening around you than your body.

It is almost accidental that the body is in the center of your awareness. Awareness is not in your body, your body is totally encased within your awareness. Your awareness is much larger than your body, and that awareness, the totality thereof, is you. Of course, were it not for the body, there would be no field of awareness, but you are that entire field, the length and breadth of consciousness, not that meatball in the center.

Now, that waking awareness was not present just 15 min. before. Suddenly it appeared to you. Before that, you were aware of dream and the nothingness of the deep sleep. These states come on to you, but have nothing to do with you. You are not touched by them. You are the same whether they come or go.

Believe this. You are the nothingness to which something and everything happens. You are beyond things. You are beyond the world. This is your true nature, nothingness. The body is like a disease that happens to you. It is best when it goes and leaves you alone.


  1. Beautifully put Master,

    The body is indeed the wrong center. When we start inquiry it seems like it is the center but as we move along we realize that the center has now changed. It has become something else. It becomes energies, then Pranshakti, then phenomenons, then lights, then the void. And no matter What you become it is completely false-- all is a illusion.
    It comes to a complete halt when it rests at the heart where the I-thought first rises from.
    Remember never to deviate from this goal. This is what Self-inquiry is.
    Going to the source from where all of energies, Prana, Mind, ego, experiences, attainments arises and then resting there never to be touched from any of these.
    This is the only truth.


  2. On energy work:

    Rajiv is correct. Concentrate on the unchanging subject, the core, not ANYTHING in the world, the mind or the body.

    The center is that which experiences the body, the mind, the three states of waking, dream and sleep, as well as all the healing and dangerous energies.

    Rather than worry about energies, inquire as to who perceives them, whether Turiya, the Void, the background, the looker.

    Playing too much with energies is the same as focusing on the health of the body---it utterly distracts you from your prime search as to who you are.

    Energies may heal or kill the body, but so what? You are not the body!!

    Instead, abandon all and dive within and find that which perceives both the body and energies.

    You might say ability with energies is a talent and possible way to make a living, but it is not Advaita.

    However, if you do miss the mark of awakening, one can use energies as a saint to change things for the better, if that is where you are willing to stop your progression.

  3. Andreas MametEd Muzika
    Truly an amazing video....
    It was Ramana who said... to become enlightened, spend 12 years in the unmanifested Sat (he means to spend 12 years absorbed in Samadhi) but because he realized that was next to impossible for most, he recommended..."If that is not possible, spend 12 years in the Presence of somebody who is the manifested Sat. (Meaning, have a teacher who is the embodiment of the Manifested Truth)

    Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi rare video

  4. Dear Ed, I’m watching as defensive arguments arise and just as quickly collapse in my awareness, in response to your words regarding healing energy. I see how it is so easy for me to remain in a so-called superior detachment when the discussion is about Nicole’s latest shenanigans, or something else that seems beside the point, or as having nothing to do with me. As if I don’t have buttons to be pushed! The ironic thing is, (speaking of energy) I can practically feel my response as a kind of churning energy; and hopefully this will lead to a measure of release and healing of sorts. Thank you. And thank you also to Rajiv for his clarifying words.