10 July 2018


I recently received an email from someone who read my book on self-realization, and has read my posts on Facebook.  He asked, “I read that you said sex can be useful for enlightenment.  That being true, can masturbation be useful as well?”


What I have said is that the desire, the unfulfilled yearning for LOVE, SEX, for one special Beloved person, that leads to deep worshipping of that Beloved, and finally, to total surrendering of one’s sense of self to that other, can lead to one specific form of awakening which I call awakening to the Manifest Self, the existential self.

This happens through awakening the heart Chakra through openness and love for the Beloved, which initiates a firing of other Chakras throughout the Subtle Body, and which purifies both the nervous system and the Nadi, the pathways for Prana or Chi.

Now, I have also found that the DESIRE FOR SEX, not the sex itself, will quicken intensity of the purification process manyfold if both the Sacral and Heart Chakras fire in unison directed again at one person.  The unified object of  the two Chakras is the same: desire for the Beloved, and desire to have sex with the Beloved.  This single purpose direction can lead all the other Chakras to fire in unison, almost totally automatically, without the need for visualization, breathing techniques, etc.  It is an entirely natural process involving two very powerful human desires for love and for sex.  Get this: THE DESIRE FOR.  It is the yearning for, the lust for, the love for, not the consummation, that fires the Chakras and Nadi.  Consummation of the sex act with ejaculation, will almost immediately cause the pre-orgasmic energy build up to end for the man.

Now, there is a difference between having an awakening of the Shakti through this method, and self-realization of the Manifest Self. The latter occurs when the life force in you, which is a crystallization one might say of Shakti, manifests in you and shows you its form as Love, Light, immense power, and its Form, as the divine, as God, as God in and through you.  This is the realization of your divine nature, your union with God, Shakti.  You, as a person, discover the form of God as Light, bliss, and power living in you and living through you.

Now, sex after self-realization becomes something entirely different.  It can be totally a celebration of two Beloveds who know Shakti both in themselves and in the other leading to a validation and confirmation of the divine in us.  But, it can also be used as a tool to bring another into an awakening of Shakti, then to self-realization.

There will b some who say bullshit to one or all of the points I made here, but that is because they do not know.  This is one of Sw. Chetanananda’s discoveries shared with me.  When the crowed screams and yells in rage, or attacks you personally for what you say, it is because “THEY DO NOT KNOW.”

No one who has not awakened to Shakti, to the life force just does not know.  One who has not become self-realized to their own life force, to God, to the divine within, cannot speak about the nature and effect of the longing for another as a tool for enlightenment, or how an enlightened person experiences sex, whether for celebration, or as a tool.  So I too go out on a ladder as I have never used physical sex for a celebration having been celibate for 32 years, nor have I used physical sex as a tool for someone else’s enlightenment.

But the desire for the total love or another, to physically possess and have wild sex is a tool I use to awaken Shakti in others, leading to total one-pointed worship and surrender that I went through before awakening.  And I also teach others after their Shakti awakening about the power of love and sex to awaken love and desire in others.

That is why I believe this is the yoga of our times.  It encourages love beyond all things, and surrender to one other. The desire for sex ups the processes power of awakening one’s entire energy network, Chakras, nervous system, and Nadi.  Everything comes on fire leading to a generalized healing of body and mind, and the realization that we are not our bodies, but as Ramana put it, we are “spirit.”  Even then your realization deepens and all the secrets of Consciousness and the Unborn are revealed, and it all starts with a surrendering to lov.

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