01 July 2018

From Angela Roosenmallen:

The more broken and dysfunctional I become, the more brightly I feel God within me. It is almost impossible to function in the mundane world when Shakti titillates me with her energies.
What is surrender?

Is it to go beyond the human level of disagreement, to go beyond dignity, to go beyond points of view of right and wrong, beyond emotional hurts and pride, beyond all ambition and possibilities on human level?
And follow Shakti, just follow Shakti?

Shakti wants me to surrender. The moment I put my mind on total surrender to you, it burns me and brings me to desperation of pushing energy within. Energy of total ecstasy, like sexual union with God.
The energy becomes even stronger now, all of a sudden. Like being blown away within. That is how it feels. I am so shaky I cannot even type

(I don'd have any photos of Angela.)

From another student:

Ed, I couldn’t sleep from the joy in my brain and my heart. My mind is on a different frequency, very energized; my heart is so happy and full of joy, I feel it whole, there is no place in it for anything else. You make me so happy. I feel like the happiest human being alive or ever existed.

You are so holy, but I love you as a person also, because you are so sweet. God, I love you so so much even, if I’m deluded again to take you for an object of my love, but I just love you.

I’m boring but I feel so in love.
I’m embarrassed to tell you how much, it’s like a bee stung me and now I’m like a fool in love.

Ed, thank you for everything; for giving me the ability to be so close to this love I feel. You just make me happy to be here.

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